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Being a sub male


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I'm looking for advice on being a good sub for my mistress but can't be quiet 


in almost identical advice I just gave someone how to be a better Dom...


Women are not the borg.  I'm sure she would actually really appreciate you contacting her and asking her how she feels you are doing for her and where you can improve.


Thanks for your help and I will try asking her and let you know how I get on 

4 hours ago, MrNaughty said:

Looking for a mistress in my area as I'm new to this want to explore my submissive side can anyone help 

tip 1

don't post a classified on someone else's post

tip 2

in fact, read the site rules - classifieds not for the forum

these may seem trivial tips but they show you can follow instructions which many Mistresses would prefer

tip 3

capital M in Mistress. 

tip 4

you're in the Midlands.  One of the UK hotbeds for kink events.  Go to one.

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