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Groups to teach newbies

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It comes naturally with desire. Try watching some BDSM porn and see what turns you on. For me, I really love to smack my partner in her mouth and spit on her, I am the Dom in the relationship.

She gets off on being put in her place and feeling small, so I will pull her by her shirt and have her kneel on the floor next to me, quiet as can be and she is completely happy with that spot because I put her there.

Try things out and see what works for you.
15 hours ago, adamB13 said:
I got this advice form an expert lady here.
Go and get fetlife app.
Register and check out the local events section.
From there look for events called munches.
Those are casual meetups where you can ask for advice.
Dress nice and be yourself.
Takes a copule of times to get along whit the whole thing but it's a lot of fun.
I went to 3 events in one week when I started.

Anything in regional Victoria please?

I would look for a local BDSM club in your area.

Sometimes you'll run into sex/swinger clubs that advertise kink as part of their line up, but that's not a BDSM scene purely.

An actual BDSM club will have classes outside of club hours and if it's very reputable, a mentorship program for new people to discuss with an experienced player the kinds of interests they have and how to attain knowledge.
September 20, Eskah said:
Typically if you are a sub, an experienced dom should be able to help you. I’m not too sure about teaching a dom to dom, I suppose an experienced sub could or a mentor with another experienced dom. It’s just asking really...the dynamic has changed a lot and there are plenty of things to do, asking the community is always a good thing.

So books and stuff were never my saving grace. I had and experienced Sub that sat down with and was patient with me getting the grasp of things other than her throat lol. But I’ve become better to where now i keep my subs happy and satisfied with the lifestyle

If you want to learn about straight up kink, read SM101 by Jay Wiseman to start.

If you would like an academic history of kink, A Lover's Pinch by Peter Tupper.
And I'll gladly discuss any topics you have via zoom, in exchange for some Skyline Chili over spaghetti noodles. 😊
I’m a newbie that’s tired of being vanilla
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There is a Fb group I’m a part of that has a telegram group… they do Dom/sub auctions with different tasks and educational munches. I learned SO much from it. Feel free to message me if you want more info about it.
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Taking the bdsm test at bdsmtest* helped me a lot! It’s super in depth and extensive so it gives you a very accurate reading. Also gives you links and info about each kink

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