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How to get the experience....


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My curiosity has got the better of me and I would like to sexperience both sub and Dom play with a lady. Not sure how to get that sexperience for real. Any advice most welcome. 

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I'd possibly start with not calling it a sexperience. BDSM is about far more than just sex. Then examine exactly what you do want. 

You're best course of action is to look into munches and events in your area to meet people. Don't assume you'll hook up immediately - get to know folks socially first and then you can talk about play. 





first rule - wanting a certain experience doesn't entitle you to one.  seems simple, but so many (particularly) men fail at that.

You're going to do some of your own homework into different fetishes, kinks and types of play to see what might be for you.   If you're interests are merely "wouldn't it be fun to use a blindfold and restraints during sex" then there's nothing wrong with that but pretty much any partner that can be brought up with.

As Victoria says above - going to munches and events will expose you to others and that might help enrich your knowledge but - as I say - going "I want to do kinky stuff" and having no idea what that means is either going to bore people or, risks you getting into a situation you're not happy with.

One thing to consider also of course is to pay somebody - much quicker results - but, most really aren't being paid enough to coerce information out of you.  And of course, remember that most pro Dommes or pro subs, will not have PIV sex with you.


Thanks for the thoughtful replies. Seems I have a lot to learn . Quick question...what is "munchies"? 

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