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Secret guest


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A new dom I had met was struggling to find free time for us to meet in order to do a session. He hosts a lot of parties and couldn’t find any time soon where his place would be empty.

We talked forever on plans but they all came out short. Eventually we settled on me showing up before the party he was hosting. Normally I don’t do thing in the afternoon but we made it work.

When I got there we had a good time and he was upset I’d have to be leaving. I was comfortable too so I wasn’t in any rush. We came up with a plan to extend my stay.

He had a plantation styled closet door in his living room. One of those doors you can see through if you look through the slots. He had bound me cross cross and gagged me super well, ensuring I was quiet.

He then stashed me inside and pinned the doors closed so no guests would open it accidentally. I could see through the doors and no one could see me.

I sat there bound and gagged as his guests arrived and partied. They had no clue he was hosting a secret guest just inches away from them.

Luckily the party wasn’t long, just simple dinner, so I want trapped there forever. While I had time to sit and think, I was wondering if anyone else has had an experience like that.

if this really happened then it is immensely reckless 

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