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That's Magic

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She was tired of being plain, fed up with being the ordinary "girl next door". Nothing exciting ever happened to her! She looked long and hard at her reflection in the full length mirror. She was no beauty queen, but she wasn't ugly either, just, well, PLAIN!!! She picked up her bag and gently rubbed the ticket inside. Well, maybe some of the magic would rub off on her...

She sat in the aisle seat for the evening performance, third row from the front, left of centre. On stage the magician went through his routine. He was on excellent form, totally wowing the audience with seemingly impossible feats. Then came the point, almost at the end of the show, when the magician invited someone from the audience to volunteer to help with an illusion. Was he pointing at her? Surely not, couldn't be, not HER! But then he was talking "Yes madam, you, aisle seat, third row back, green dress, purple bra and thong". "OH MY GOD" she thought, wondering how he had known about her underwear as she stumbled to her feet and made her way, blushing, to the stage amidst raucous laughter and thunderous applause. As she reached centre stage the magician thanked her for volunteering her services and explained to the audience that his new assistant would be blindfolded so it would be impossible for her to see anything. "Oh great", she thought, “my one big chance and I'm going to miss it all.”

She saw the magician prepare the black band, slip it around her head, over her eyes and, as the lights went out, she was conscious of him tying it in place. She fell into a panic as she felt a bag being placed over her head, but then she heard his voice, soothing, calming, reassuring her that she would be able to breathe normally but the bag was just a guarantee that she would see NOTHING!

Long moments passed and she began to feel stupid, to wonder if she was standing alone on the stage of an empty theatre with a bag over her head, the butt of some monstrous practical joke. Then she felt something that amazed her. She found that she was very comfortable but she couldn't move a muscle - and she was tipping backwards! Her feet were lifting off the floor - she was being levitated! She felt herself floating off the floor, horizontal and, she would guess, at around average waist height.

She found herself totally unable to move or to make a sound when she felt fingers at her zip, her dress being opened slowly, to appreciative murmurs from all around her - from CLOSE around her! The front panels of her dress were peeled back away from her purple encased breasts. She felt her dress being moved off her shoulders, down her arms, over her hands then down her long legs and off. She had the sensation of rotating, in mid air, like a chicken on a spit until she believed that she was hovering, face down, above the floor. Her naked buttocks brought some appreciative comments and some hard slaps. She felt them sting and flare up and she knew that they would be a fine deep pink.

She wanted to fold her arms across her breasts but couldn't move a muscle to prevent the bra clasp being unclipped and the fine straps slid down her arms and off, leaving her naked breasts exposed. She wanted to grab the top cord of her thong as it began to slip down over her still stinging buttocks, the gusset peeling back out of her crack to expose her tiny puckered anus, but she was powerless to resist and she felt the thong being slipped over her feet leaving her suspended, naked.

She felt as if she were sinking closer to the ground when suddenly a warm liquid jet hit her. She felt the warm liquid hitting the top of her crack, between the hillocks of her arse cheeks, and run down, over her arsehole, along her slit, to run off her body as a steady stream from her clit. Another jet caught her between the shoulder blades, one on each buttock, then more, down her legs, across the small of her back. In her mind she pictured what was happening to her, a golden shower from a human fountain and all she could see was blackness! She felt herself turning, that damn spit again, alternately presenting her tight little arse set between well rounded cheeks and her large tits with lovely pink nipples, hard and erect, set in wide pink aureole and her triangular mass of dense black hair set above her little hooded pleasure bud and her slit, guarded by large labia glistening with droplets of piss and her juice.


Then she was rising, face up to the ceiling and floating upwards, but not for long. Now she felt a different wetness flooding over her breasts, being poured directly onto her nipples and she felt many hands stroking her breasts, some pinching and tugging at her nipples, others kneading her breasts, others spreading the oil over her body. The oil source moved lower until it was pouring directly onto her clit and running down her slit to drip off her from her arse. Hands again moved over her nakedness, spreading out the oil, coating her in a fine, glistening, slippery sheen.

Suspended in mid air, soaked from neck to toe in baby oil, hands and now mouths all over her - tweaking, pinching, tugging, nibbling her nipples, stroking, caressing her belly, stroking, caressing and randomly slapping her arse cheeks, and many other hands, stroking, pinching, teasing, down her arms and legs.


She found her legs involuntarily opening and suddenly there was someone standing between them, naked, engorged prick jutting to attention, head already touching her cunt lips. But then she moved again, head tilting back further, her hips rotating slightly in mid air. In one quick press he slid a finger into her arse as far as it would go. It slipped in easily with all the oil that had been poured over her, but now he paused for a moment, allowing her muscles to get used to the intrusion, before easing it slowly, steadily, in and out of her warm, moist arse. She became used to it, enjoying his finger reaming her arse and suddenly it wasn't his finger, it was wider, longer, it filled her arse more and pressed deeper - his cock - he was fucking her arse! He pressed in and out faster, building up the rhythm, working her arse harder, and she was loving it!

Suddenly he pulled out of her, she felt her position shift again and he pressed firmly into her soaking wet cunt. As he thrust in and out she felt her position shifting slightly until the head of his cock was stroking her G-spot with every stroke. Pressing a couple of fingertips between them he slipped the hood back from her clit and began to massage it in small circles to the rhythm of his cock sliding in and out. Her breathing was hard and fast in her head covers and she was well aware of her own mounting excitement. It almost pushed her over the edge when someone else passed a hand between his legs and, after slapping her buttocks, shoved a finger deep into her arse.

Her whole body was a mass of sensations - nipples, breasts, arse, clit, G-spot - all together, in rhythm, getting faster, building, naked breasts, cocks and hands slipping over her well oiled skin. She couldn't contain it for long, relentlessly she felt her passion well up from deep inside her until, shuddering violently, she climaxed, squirting her cum over his balls, over the other's hand and up his arm, and he came too, sending wave after wave of hot cum jetting deep into her to splatter against her cervix.


Then she heard a click. She was on her feet, feeling her clothes in place, feeling the blindfolds being removed as the magician was addressing his audience "and THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is magic".

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