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What do you think when someone says they have "NO LIMITS"?


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I can simply say this means, such person is willing to go to any extent just to get unlimited pleasure, regardless of anything, I think everyone has a limits

They are most likely inexperienced and are thinking only through their fantasies.

Fantasies have a way of removing the brutality of a situation. Many have fantasies about being kept in the cellar, perhaps in a cage and pulled out only when their captor desires to breed them or use them for their own physical needs and pleasure.

Sounds hot to many and it can be to some extent with a thoughtful, caring, compassionate Dom with an excess of empathy and ***.

But chain your average person to a concrete wall or floor in the basement cellar naked and exposed and their mind will be screaming for mercy in less then an hour.

In our fantasies we don’t take into account what the *** of being on our Knees on a bare concrete floor might feel like. How incredibly uncomfortable it might be with each passing minute. Or how as our body temperature drops how incredibly miserable we might be as we shiver in the dark uncontrollably with our teeth chattering and countless hours left until we might be fetched.

Not to mention in this day and age we have smart phones to keep our minds distracted from being perfectly comfortable but perhaps the slightest bit bored.

Now this person is in an environment where their mind can do nothing but focus on their miserable condition and suffering they are experiencing that will magnify the suffering and cause each agonizing minute to drag by at an ever increasing slower perception of time.

This doesn’t even speak to such things as amputations, mutilation, permanent disfigurement, permanent loss of sight , extreme *** or ***, etc

Most of which I would like to believe is well within everyone’s limits
What I think. I'll find that limit you didn't think you had.
8 hours ago, Perfexobitionist said:
I’m with Shyprincess88, I’m still learning some limits. I think if there’s anything that you are still curious about then you probably do not know your limits yet.

There's a huge difference between not knowing your limits yet and stating you have "no limits" though - and it's stating you have none that the OP is getting at I believe.

I make roleplay limitless but sound love like a sub/sadist
55 minutes ago, bwtally said:

That’s true Lol…just got to
Understand what “NO LIMITS” really means

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12 minutes ago, gemini_man said:

 it's stating you have none that the OP is getting at I believe.

That's certainly the way I read it but as people have asked the question about being new - here's an extract from something I wrote on Limits:

What if you're just starting out?
It’s hard know what your limits are before you’ve begun to experience the kinky lifestyle. So you need to base them on your moral values, likes, dislikes, the law and gut instinct. You can change your limits as you become more experienced, but it’s best to remain on the side of caution and if you’re unsure about something, set it as a limit. Search online for a "limits checklist" there are lots of free ones available. If there are any terms you don’t understand then google them for an explanation.
When you begin to negotiate play, or entering into a dynamic, you should share your limits list with the others involved and the other(s) should share theirs with you so that you can compare lists and see if you’re compatible. If you’re new to the lifestyle and this is your first limits checklist and you’ve completed it based on what you believe your limits to be, say so. If you’re playing with someone who is experienced they will have a lot more respect for you if you tell them than if you just try to go with the flow. It also gives them the opportunity to go through your limits list and discuss anything you may not understand. 

As you can see there is a huge difference between being new and not knowing what your limits are - and someone claiming they have none. There are some standard Hard Limits widely accepted within the lifestyle: Nobody under 18, No ***s and Nothing that will harm, maim or kill amongst others. So when someone says they have "no limits" think about those things too and ask yourself "seriously"???

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I think if they say no limits just means they’ve not discovered their limits yet either because of lack of explorations or newness to lifestyle

Makes me think they don’t about some of the f**ked up stuff


I often think one of the other things about limits is.... they're not exhaustive.

I mean if we have an example "I have no limits", "OK so I can saw off your hand?"

if someone else said, I dunno, "My limits are scat and ballbusting" - does that mean we can still saw off their hand?

and I am being a little daft, maybe, but no matter what someone lists there's always going to be something they don't list that they're obviously not going to want to do.    I think to spin a little, a lot of folk obsess over what they won't do, rather than what they will do.


That said, if anyone genuinely has no limits then you owe me £500 - please send.


at best no limits is an aspiration, it's certainly something I aspire to but never in an advert/profile only after ltr established with full trust

Most of the time it’s the newbie overexcited who write this on their profile.
Other time it’s the attention seeker waiting for the fucked up messages they will get from this fishing bait.
Then you got the ones who mean it, usually men subs so desperate to find a Dom/Domme and will do anything for them and they exist.
The last ones, hope to found a Dom that would accept their no limits as a challenge but at the same time knowing they won’t be the fucked up Dom that would risk their health/life.
It’s amusing but not necessary red flag. After all limits are always discussed during the comms and connections.
Like a lot of people have already said, I tend to think someone saying no limits is either a scam account, or someone very naive / new to the lifestyle. While the former of should be avoided, I do sometimes feel with the latter it is worth chatting to them if only to help them on their learning curve.
I either assume they don't have enough experience or that they haven't been in safe dynamics
2 hours ago, Alpha_Denver said:
I either assume they don't have enough experience or that they haven't been in safe dynamics

I agree with this, but also even if they are experienced they could have not discovered something they aren’t into yet, I’ve been in the lifestyle for around 9-10 yrs and there’s still smaller unknown kinks and fetishes i discover that I’ve never heard


if they are experienced then they will know the concept of 'no limits' is a lie 

and we all discover new limits all of the time.   

I usually find that their limits are what I'm into 😅😅
they’re either a fake sub/dom or extremely inexperienced. both parties after being versed in the topics should have limits
I normally think they have little to no experience. Even researching things has made it apparent if its a limit or not for me. If someone says they have "no limits" I honestly don't want any part of it because I've tried to introduce people to kink and it never went well for me, so if someone says they don't have limits, I don't interact with their profile other than viewing it. 🤷🏻‍♂️
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