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The sweet smell of want

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You have my wrists tied to a bed, with me stretched out before you, teasing me with gentle touches to my body, you smile as each touch makes my body automatically react. Standing at the end of the bed you lift a foot and kiss the top of it,moving your hand up my ankle and thigh, kisses following.
You can hear me moan gently as you lift my leg to rest on your shoulder.
My hips already lifting towards you. You push them back down telling me 'I'm my own time slut'
I moan in frustration. You know why I'm frustrated, you can smell me.
Your kisses have reached my inner thigh and you can smell the sweet smell of my want for you growing. You watch as i grow increasingly frustrated for you. My legs are opened wide for you, something neither of us consciously notice anymore.
My pussy is glistening in front of you and I'm begging you to play with me. 'Please sir, I need you in me, please.... fist me sir'
Hmu beautiful
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