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Who’s the sub?


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I always thought of foot licking as a submissive act but since not a lot of women seem to be into it and I’m doing it willingly I must be the dom and any woman who willingly lets me lick her feet must be submissive. It’s so sensual and orally stimulating I don’t understand why it’s not more popular among women.
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Theres s types who have a foot fetish, its probably more common from what ive seen, its 'under foot' or 'worship' kinda thing.
Or there are D types who just have a foot fetish.
Neither are wrong, its how you and who you are with that make it what it is, so dont feel you have to put a D label on yourself, be who you are x x

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So, first off, foot fetish/worship is not something inherently restricted to D/s - if the estimates on how many people have a foot fetish are close, then it stands to reason that the majority of people (on either side) into it are not into some form of D/s.

My experience with women over the years is quite varied.

Some did not know they were into receiving until they had someone at their feet; particularly someone who knew what they were doing.   

Some who are especially into it divide into different mindsets - one person I can think of is happy for guys at her feet pretty much any time (but has no need to meet strangers. As well as having her own friends she can literally walk into a club and kick off her shoes. She also works as a Pro Domme, so people literally pay her for one of her fetishes) another I can think of strictly will not permit men at her feet unless she intends to have sex with them as it turns her on so much.

While the two seem quite polar, they also have the same thing in common : they have zero desire for strangers at their feet.

However.  There is someone else I know of who WAS meeting strangers.  But just because she would willingly let guys smooch at her toes, doesn't make her less Dominant.  She chose whether to accept. She set limits on what they could do. She would send them on their merry way when she was satisfied.  

Likewise, if you went to a fetish club and approached someone and asked to worship their feet, their yes or no is no means linked to their Dominance or submission - but, how much they fancy having their feet worshipped right now.

Unfortunately many view various acts as a sub/Dom act & that’s sad as it’s stops those who enjoy it, not allowing themselves the freedom to get what they want or deliver what the other person wants.
No act falls into a role-catagory unless you present it with that mindset. If you enjoy it then don’t categorise it.
As for not being popular amongst women. It’s a kink as everyone is into different kinks. Foot licking may be sensual to you & that’s ok, for me personally I can’t imagine anything worse than someone going to town on my feet. I’ve tried it, didn’t like it & found it a sensory nightmare.
But we are all wonderfully different & that’s what makes us an amazing community 😊
I'm submissive and love my feet being played with. It was a dom who touched my feet for the first time, licking and sucking them whilst I lay there. I didn't realise how amazing it would feel.
I personally love starting at the toes. Huge smile came across my face when reading this topic. when the music is playing and my partner is securely ummm comfortable then 1 foot rested against my chest at a time is a great way to start. that combined with a blindfold or hood and a sensory toy of your choosing is a great opening door and easily transitionable. Great Question I thought it was more common among Doms in general.
I had the same convo with my play partner. She’s done more BDSM things than I have but
I worship her feet just about everyday but we’ve already established that it’s not in a D/S sense. She was actually very vanilla to the whole foot fetish thing and now she absolutely LOVES it and can’t enough which is heaven for me. But although technically the act of worshipping is more of a “subby” role, I feel if its not clearly defined beforehand and there’s no one ordering someone to do one or the other, I’d say it’s more neutral and just for pleasure. We also like to use it also as a form or foreplay as it’s a sensual act as well
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