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Key Party


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A group of swinger friends decided to kick it old school and have a key party.

All the men put the keys to their car in a hat. At the end of the night, each woman picks a key and thats who she goes home with for the night 

Saying no is always an option.

There were 8 couples at the dinner party. Dinner, drinks and laughs.

At the end of the night, the hat was passed around. I had brought my busty playmate of mine who was into the scene.

I have a Tesla and don't have a car key. I used an antique skeleton key as my token.

The woman who pulled my key was someone I didn't know. Kim. Brown hair and eyes with fair skin. Curves and perky tits.

As we drove back to my house we chatted about likes and dislikes.

She told me she wanted me to wrestle her naked and have my way with her.

I had to wrestle her and take it.

Why couldn't I find a normal sub?

Walking into my house she ran upstairs.


She threw her bra down the stairs.

I walked into my bedroom and she was naked jumping on my bed.

Come on Daddy. Get undressed.

I stripped.

I walked to the edge of the bed.

She was still jumping on my bed.

I grabbed her ankle and pulled is out she fell directly on her back.

I lept up on top of her and pinned her down with my cock in her face 

Are we done with the BS?

She struggled.

I rubbed my cock on her face.

She struggled more.

I fed her my cock.

She sucked it. 

I grabbed her neck with one hand and squeezed as I fucked her mouth and groped her tits with the other hand.

You win she screamed.

I let her up.

Let me ride it Daddy.

She got on my cock and rode me.

Phone in her hand she FaceTimed her husband.  He was in bed with a woman asleep

I'm riding his cock. Look!


She bounced on me and showed him 

I'm cumming she screamed.

He pinned you?


Let him cum in your pussy.

She bounced harder and faster, screaming louder and louder and came on my cock again.

She held the phone close to her face as I came all over it.

Good girl he said over the phone

My ex and I went to several of these and enjoyed each as if it were new. Then we started fulfilling 3 some fantasies for others. When your wife is bi, it sure increased the opportunities.
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