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Sweat, A Watersport?

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So I have another thing that maybe most likely would consider taboo but I'm not sure if it falls into the whole watersport section. So when my girlfriend takes about being sweaty or what's up sweating it really turns me on I love laying with her when we are both sweaty or eating her sweaty ass out and smelling her (her sweat doesn't smell which is weird she dont even use deordantz she doesn't need it) but it drives me crazy I can handle it but she tends to get mad at me and want to shower when she is sweaty.


I don't know if I'd call sweat a watersport BUT it is still a totally valid fetish to talk about.

I'm... I dunno... I think I kinda like sweat partially because it's supposed to be disgusting - but also because, in ways, women who are told to always wear deodrant/perfume/etc. can, well, let out their natural aroma.  I dunno.

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I actually love sweat as a fetish. Very much so.

Fun fact: Fresh sweat doesn't have much smell, on any one, and it only tastes mildly salty. What causes the smells we associate with sweat is the bacteria that turn it into body odor.

I would personally love to find the partner that would wear a sauna suit, but make it capture all their sweat into a bowl or pitcher. And yes, I would drink it all. Alternately, someone sweating profusely in a warm room would let me lick them on every inch of their body.

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Yeah, Sweat is definitely HOT stuff, but in my experience I've also found that many girls seem to not like getting really sweaty and immediately like to shower afterwards. It kills the mood for me. That seems to be the way things are now with a lot of them.

I get really bored and disinterested in a girl who doesn't like to get really dirty, in fact I think the willingness and desire for them to enjoy dirty sex  to begin with is "key" to finding one who will not only be fine with, but will actually totally be into sweaty, sloppy sex.


And yeah, some girls don't really "smell" all that much from their sweat, it all depends on their hormonal levels and genetics. Quite normal actually.

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I love the smell and taste of my wife's summer sweat. It's the very best time to lick her armpits, asshole and pussy. Yum!

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