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I read your profile

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3 hours ago, Justme66 said:

And, secondly on this point, some perceived 'self entitlement over and, to others' , is a main characteristic of a dom is it not!!  Self-created superiority in the various ways it is enacted, but with one singular aim and result (which could lead me into another 'gripping' debate on when is a dom, a dom or not a dom?

Yikes đźš©đźš©đźš©


I Have a "If you message me with a 'hi" or a "hello' or a low energy message I have a right to ghost you" clause written on my profile.

Does it stop people writing me "Hi", etc, messages?

It does not.

At last count, my profile has 1k words. I'm not asking or expecting an initial message to match it, but, I'm not going to entertain a one word message.

Personally, I don't initiate contact. I never will. Mainly because I know how forums work, I know how men work, and I know that the inboxes of women are usually filled with thousands of copy-and-paste messages per day.

I value myself more than being involved in a mad stampede of a crowd.

I do read profiles, though.


Profiles are so important. It gives a view to your inner being

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