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Out of control


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So this is my personal subspace. I am weightless, I have no grasp on time and space. I am yours, fully, I will serve you in whatever way you need me to and I love it, it is all that matters to me. You do things to me that I will later only remember as short flashbacks, but I will be unable to put them in any kind of chronology. I am pure sensation, no more rationalising, analysing, considering, only experiencing. *** turns into gentle strokes in my perception, insults turn into praise, *** turns into proof of love. My head is spinning from endorphins and excitement. My earlier cries and wailing become moans of pleasure and gratitude. But how did I get here?

It started the moment I became completely ***: You grabbed my hands, moved them behind my back, handcuffed me, connected them to my collar and pulled them up as high as you could, so I would *** myself with every accidental movement. You pulled a mask over my eyes making me lose all orientation, called me to you in this state, knowing that I wouldn't know where to turn to, punished me for this incompetence by hitting me in my face time and again and fixing clamps on my hard nipples. Like this you threw me down on the bed onto my stomach, the clamps digging even deeper into my flesh, making me almost cry out from ***, intensified this agony by lying down on top of me with all your weight and started to fuck me without any consideration. This was when *** made me forget the world.

It intensified the moment I felt worthless: You thrust your cock deeper and deeper into my mouth. I couldn't breath, couldn't move, could only enjoy feeling your excitement on my tongue. The few breaks were just long enough to let me catch my breath, but short enough to remind me that in this moment I only existed for your pleasure. At first I was still aware whether it was you or the vibrator you were pushing down my throat, but I soon lost all ability to differentiate, I only wanted more, more ***, more suffering, more of your wrath. When you told me to open my mouth, I did so yearningly, knowing that you would spit into it to show me that you could do whatever you wanted and I was grateful. This was when *** made me forget myself.

It exploded the moment I gave up control: You pushed the beautiful glass plug into my ass, hearing me scream from ***, but not giving in, staying strong for the two of us. Still recovering from this ***, you started fucking me, causing me *** that seemed unbearable, making me squirm and try to get away from you. And then it happened. I stopped fighting it. I became soft, loose and a wave of complete relaxation washed through me. In this moment, I realised that you were my master, I was your slut, you owned me and I was your toy. This was when pure joy made me float through time and space. 

Everything after this moment is bliss, perhaps minutes, perhaps hours of bliss, I won't be able to say. You and I, our minds, bodies and hearts become one, we are pure ecstasy. We will orgasm together at some point, but this feeling won't stop for me then, it will carry me through the next hours and I will want nothing else but to be with you, to be admired by you and to be caressed by you. And I will want to be out of control again and again. 



I wish everyone could feel this at one point in there life. In my opinion it is pure ecstasy.

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Reaching that higher plateau of ecstacy an bliss, wonderful consent an surrender ❤️
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