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Of Books and Bone Magic


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"You put this in the stack on purpose didn't you?" Kai asked. He was sitting on the stone floor opposite her with a large pillar at his back and his legs stretched out before him bent at the knees. Skye mirrored him against her own pillar with a stack of old books between her ankles that they had both been sifting through.
She looked up startled, having been pulled out of the quiet contemplation of the current text she had been perusing in her lap to find him pointing the offending tome in his hand at her. She couldn't help but smile at the expression on his face coupled with the blush that was slowly creeping up his neck and ears. He didn't look angry, more annoyed and maybe slightly amused despite himself.
"If its not a book on ward spells," she said snatching the book from his hands, "then I assure you I did not. What is it?" She examined the book's cover as she continued, "I do find it amusing when your ears turn that shade of red though." She read the title, *Ward of the Dread Pirate*. She adjusted her weight to accommodate the second book in her lap, she was wearing a long black skirt with a slit all the way up one side and as she moved the slit opened and the fabric pooled between her knees to the floor leaving one leg bare and the side of her leg came to settle against the side of his.
She flipped through the book's pages and tried not to laugh as she realized that it was indeed not a book on magical ward spells but a work of erotic fiction.
At the edge of her vision she could see him studying her and she stilled as she suddenly became painfully aware of the fact that the side of her bare calf was resting against the back of his warm fingers where he was resting his hand on his thigh. She felt as though a deer caught in the hunter's sight and she dare not move, not because she feared what he might do if he caught her but because she realized that secretly, deep down, she wanted him to.
He slid his hand from his thigh to her shin and slowly curled his fingers down around the side of her inner calf leaving his thumb to rest just below her knee and paused. Waiting, watching, perhaps to see if she would pull away or say something. She did not. She sat completely still, staring at the same spot on the page and not reading it, because her focus was completely on the warmth of his hand on her skin.
He drew his fingers down the top of her shin, slowly leaving a trail of heat until he reached where her leg met her foot and he curled his fingers around to her inner ankle and just as slowly slid them up the inside of her calf until he came to her knee where the slit in her skirt still crossed and paused.
"Would you like me to stop?" He asked.
Skye opened her eyes, she didn't know when she had closed them but she opened them now and looked up at him, moving nothing more than her gaze until she met his and shook her head. It was all she could manage. A small single movement, barely perceptible. She wanted him to slide his hand up her leg, to part her skirt and follow the soft skin of her inner thigh all the way to the sweet warm center. He didn't though. Instead he folded his knees beneath him and he moved closer. With both hands he cradled her head and leaned in until he were only a few inches away, for a moment he caressed her face with his eyes, brown eyes that looked deep into her soul, traced the contours of her face, her lips, until they came back to her eyes and then he kissed her.
It was the kind of kiss that would melt ice caps. He tasted the roof of her mouth and suckled her lips. His tongue traced her bottom lip and he nipped it slowly letting it slide from between his teeth. He fisted his hand in her hair and pulled her head back as he drank from her lips.
She felt him slide the books from her lap and onto the floor with one hand. With his hand in her hair he angled her head to one side and then his teeth and lips were on her throat nipping the skin at the sweet spot where her neck met her shoulder causing a shudder of pleasure to travel down her spine. Her hand went automatically to the back of his head and curled in the short tufts of his soft dark hair. His free hand cupped her breast and kneaded it over the fabric of her top which had holes intricately cut throughout it. Her lower lips contracted and heat blossomed as his tongue slowly traced her jugular from the base of her neck to the top. He continued nipping and suckling along her jawline and then he was kissing her again.
His fingers found one of the holes in her shirt and slid the fabric aside, freeing one of her breasts. He did the same for the other breast, his mouth closed over it and he sucked on it. He swirled his tongue around the areola and scraped his teeth over the nipple. Skye found herself moaning and made sounds of pleasure in the back of her throat as he played expert lips and tongue and teeth over the sensitive skin of each breast in turn.
He found her hands with his and lifted them over her head. She felt the familiar hum of necromantic magic and something clasped around her wrists. She gasped and looked up to see two skeletal hands wrapped around her skin.
"What are you doing?" she tensed with panic as she recalled another instance that she had been restrained that had not been so pleasant.
"They are just another form of bone minion, which you have the power to dispell at any time," Kai reassured her. And she found that she could, she could sense the threads she would need to pull to undo them. She was not trapped. She relaxed.
"I have wanted to make you mine since the moment I saw you soul leech an entire battalion to raise a bone dragon," he continued. "I have been imagining all the ways that I am going to tease and edge you until your tight little pussy and clit are swollen and aching and my every touch feels like fire. You will beg me. You will beg me to fill that insatiable void between your knees with my thick, hard, cock. And then I am going to mark you as mine, I will bury my seed deep inside of you over and over again until its dripping out. And every time I cum in you, every time I paint your perfect skin with it, you are going to thank me. If you are a good girl, if you do everything I ask, if you take every last drop of my seed like the good little slut that you are, I will allow you to cum. And cum, and cum until you are left boneless in my arms. If you find any of that disagreeable say so now. Tell me to stop. Tell me to go and I'll go."
Skye sat there breathless, and remained silent.

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