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My well trained dog!

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"Come here doggy, I am going to pee" 
My dog was cooking me dinner but the second he heard me he came running. So excited he loves seeing me pee, he could get hard from the sound of hearing me pee if his penis was not caged.
He came to the toilet walking on four. All excited his tongue out making happy dog sounds. I sat on the toilet's seat peeing while he was kissing my feet.
Once I was done I opened my feet. He looked up at me knowing exactly what he needs to do. He was trained to clean his mistress's pussy very well or he'll get punished. He started cleaning and licking. It always feels good, sometimes i get so horny I don't allow him to stop till I cum, but not this time I was hungry I wanted him to go back to cooking. I snapped my fingers and he stopped and sat like a cute dog looking down. I knew he was praying that I'll let him sniff the toilet before slashing it. "you did a very good job puppy so you can smell my pee a little bit before flushing the toilet" he started barking from happiness and kissed my feet before he started sniffing.

He is always naked at my place like a slave should be in the present of his mistress. I let him enjoy his moment and I looked at his balls which were getting bigger and bigger, i squeezed his balls. " you know puppy I'll have to milk you soon. You were in chassety for two months now" "yes mistress" he said in a sad voice. He knew he won't enjoy it at all. He knows his useless penis shouldn't be used at all and when we have to it won't be fun for him but for me that's another story. " flush the toilet now dog". 

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