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The thought was always intriguing. Exciting if you will. Being in complete control of another, allowing herself to let go and get out all her frustrations while simultaneously bringing so much pleasure to both herself and her submissive partner.

It would start out by her having an extremely stressful week her anxiety levels would be through the roof and she would need a release. She would find Her Pray as they seem to be called randomly of course. She would use the guest room after all it had the most space and was easily the best place for her new adventure. Her pray would show up to her door promptly at the time she had instructed to be greeted by her.

Black stiletto heels, a black Teddy With garters and knee high stockings. Her makeup done just perfectly and her hair in a tight bun atop her head. Her ample breast pillowing the top of her Teddy and her butt smoothly resting behind.

She opened the door with a leash and collar in her hand and a whip in the other. Immediately upon closing the door behind her guest, she would snap her fingers and point to the floor in front of her. He would immediately obey and dropped to his knees. She tossed the leash and collar at him and without words told him to strip down and put it on. So he did. She grabbed the leash And led him towards the hallway. He began to stand and she whipped him on the behind shaking her finger and head simultaneously. He dropped back to his knees and followed to the bedroom on all fours.

Using the leash she lightly whipped his bare skin he whimpered and moaned with pleasure she stood with her legs spread ever so slightly And pointed directly in front of her he shuffled and sat there waiting for her next command she undid the snaps of her Teddy Next to her pussy And grabbed his tongue with her bare hand she led it to her lips and gently pulled away giving just a little taste he tried to grab it at her hips and she whipped his hands stick out your tongue and sit still she said stepping forward and placing a thigh on each side of his face.

She then would then blindfold him and tie up his wrists. Keeping him sitting up, against the head of the bed. She would then climb onto the bed walking up it straddling him, whilst teasing him with the strings of  her whip as she made her way from his feet to his torso. She would then grab his face and make him open his mouth. He would begin to feel that anticipation as she would stick her strap on dildo into his mouth and begin to face fuck him making him take her cock.

From there she would loosen him just enough to lay him down on his back and would sit on his face smothering him with her pussy and asshole. Making him lick suck and eat it til she cum all over his face.

Once she felt he had enough to eat she would untie and flip him over to his stomach and spread him across the bed. Lubbing him up and getting him ready to take her cock. Then she would fuck his ass with her strapon. Grabbing his hips and making him take all my length.

She would untie him and flip him over. Rubbing his hard cock with her wet pussy but not yet allowing him to penetrate.

Then she would begin to ride his cock.

She again flip him over. Putting him into doggy position and with a collar around his throat and a leash around her hand pulling his head back til he cant take it any longer. She pulls him to the edge of the bed and slides her cock inside him and takes his cock into her hands stroke it while simultaneously fucking him until they both bust.

And I think it won’t be hard for someone who is closer to you

Delightful imagery and wonderful foreplay.....where could she go next...him not knowing but needing to know, driven by desire to find out...doing all he can to be good enough and give enough back to her in the hope she may take him there.....or is that just me!

Very nice. Wish I could find a woman like you
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