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1 hour ago, Alexkid said:
If you were blind, how would you build trust?

That’s not quite the same thing; but yes, the same things would apply as far as vetting and getting acquainted. The thing to which I refer is interacting without those elements in place.

Hi, you’ve got a couple options (one thing I love about the question: the thing being concealed is where people are trained the most to lie (the face) according to the FBI)
1. How do they handle giving and receiving? Do they aim for reciprocity? (I hope this doesn’t need further explanation)
2. How do they relate to boundaries, things to avoid, etc. (in other words, is shit clarified before jumping in?)
3. Do their words match their actions? (Have met way too many women who claimed responsibility was important to them only for me to find glaring omissions in their choices).
4. How do you feel with them? In Tantra, before I even begin interacting, I’m getting myself into a space that I know will convey a sense of support and reassurance to the other. If you’re unclear what this is like, go dancing. We’re very sensitive to our partner’s energy in dancing, and we learn how to read this pretty quickly (sometimes still making mistakes).
Nautistyle you’ve taken this to a new level, quite interesting. Go dancing - a great tip. Thanks
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