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"Perfect Strangers"


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A fantasy...

Getting lost going to or coming from the restroom of a lounge or restaurant. While lost, I end up in a janitors closet or a dim, small, dumpy office of some sort but someone is already occupying it. They are holding a phone call with someone and it doesn't sound like a pleasant conversation. He ends the call abruptly and turns to me and sighs out of frustration as he tries brushing past me. Me speechless without knowing what words of comfort to speak, I grab his wrist. I can feel the cold metal of his cufflink against the skin of my palm. He stops mid stride with his head still hanging low, body still tense but loosens up as I gently pull and guide him to face me.

His body is close to mine now. Warm and I can feel his pulse beating. His face, stern with fiery eyes but a softness, maybe even a lustfulness that I may have picked up on. I grab the back of his neck, leaning in to kiss him but he hungrily grabs my waist and ass, breathing heavily and clawing at the hem of my skirt, snatching it up above my thigh highs while he still kisses me. Then grabbing me by my waist and shoulder pushing me up against the nearest wall. Snatching my skirt up the rest of the way, he pauses to focus on my tits.....lazily and heavily grazing them with his hand, squeezing them. Finally he reaches into my bra and releases only one. Fondles my nipple as he burns through me with this eyes. I still haven't found any words to speak but apparently there would be no need for words right now anyway but he forced me to speak. In a gruff, sexy voice he asks "What do you want...??" I hesitate, mouth open, eyes locked on his and I manage to say "I-I want you to fuck me...". He says nothing. Sizing me up, sliding his hand into the other side of my bra to release the other tit, nipples so erect and so hard.

Lifting my thigh with his other hand, he kisses me and waits for me to finally unbuckle and release his pants to fall around his ankles and dress shoes. I eagerly help him to get my panties down over at least one of my knees and seconds later he is inside of me, deep inside of me, pressing closer up against me. Fucking me selfishly up against the cold cement wall of this small, dim, dumpy office. I beg him to fuck me until he cums inside of me, use me to release his tension. He grunts as he thrusts his cock up into me, in and and out of me. I grab his ass to keep him deep while he moans and breathes all over me, sweating on me while he releases his beautiful load inside of me. Fixes himself while I, still in a lusty frenzy, attempt to do the same. Tells me he comes to this lounge regularly and to find him here the next time....

3 hours ago, Dtm said:

Omg well I'm turned on now

I am so delighted it had that effect on you 🤭. Thank you. 

1 hour ago, Angelbaby865 said:

Well damn 🥵🥵

*hehe* Thank you, friend 😘

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