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Looking for a small app controlled butt plug that doesn’t cost the earth


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I’ve been thinking about getting a small app controlled butt plug but not sure I can afford £100 for a ‘branded’ one. 

Can anyone recommend a cheaper alternative or is it one of those, you get what you pay for with the big name brands


Please feel free to make recommendations, but as always no external links, thank you 

Dunno about cheaper alternatives... But I can guarantee you will definitely get what you pay for with the obvious brand. Build quality and easy to use app.
My experience is if you go cheap, you get cheap.
(In this particular domain)
What brands are you looking at for 100 ? Lovense hush is like half that direct from the lovense site , and Im sure you can get it for less on sale from a 3rd party vendor.
You do get what you pay for but it's November, there's going to be a lot of sales, I know Lovense already have a 50% off sale but plenty of other sites will have big sales over this month, especially in the final week & you'll be able to get a lot more for your *** so you don't have to go for cheaper alternatives
There is one on Amazon if you search for app controlled plug. Seems to have decent reviews.
Sorry to crash the post is Amazon good for bdsm stuff?
Try “Temu”! It’s super cheap and you can get some really good stuff on there and the reason it’s really cheap is because it’s from china.
I have sooo many toys and it’s only because I got incredibly carried away on this sight and others. I got a full set of quality metal gem butt plugs for just £6! They are stunning and the same as the ones that are £25 each!! I don’t know why more people don’t know about this sight. Key words to use are “sex toys” and “BDSM”
Try these sites for sex toys and BDSM toys:
-Vibes adult boutique
I Hope this helps 🙂

Found the Satisfyer Plug-ilicious 2 on Amazon for £30

its quite small (which suits me for now) but the app has good reviews and lots of features so fingers crossed it’s good


P.S. anyone wanting to try out the distance play on it then let me know. I’ll bring using it when I go away in a few weeks and would love to have someone else in control while I’m also in my chastity cage!!

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