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Dominant's Friendship ♾


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Dominant's Friendship ♾

In the realm of friendship, trust and respect intertwine, A connection forged, mighty and divine. You, my dear friend, with a fiery spirit, so bold, Testing the boundaries, as a brat, untamed and uncontrolled.

But do not mistake my kindness for weakness, my dear, For as a DOMINANT friend, a duty I hold near. A duty of care, a sense of responsibility, To protect and guide, with love and sincerity.

In this dance of friendship, I walk a careful line, Embracing your challenges, understanding your design. With every mischievous glint in your eye, I see the longing for limits, as you seek to defy.

But know, my friend, my intentions are clear, To support and uplift, not instill ***. For in our bond, respect shall always abide, Nurturing our connection, side by side.

If ever discomfort brushes upon your heart, Speak freely, my friend, we shall not drift apart. For boundaries are critical in this friendship we share, I'm here to listen, to understand and to care.

With every interaction, I shall treat you with grace, A reflection of the friendship we constantly embrace. And though our roles are distinct and unique, Our connection evolves, unwavering and chic.

So, my friend, let your spirit roam free, Trust in our bond, for it shall always be. Together we learn, grow, and intertwine, In this friendship, precious and sublime.

🎩  O s P a n d o  ™️✒ 🖋

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I absolutely love that. It really touched me deep inside my soul I really find things that I read that touch me that way, so it was very nice to feel the feelings as I read it. I’m amazed by your gift for writing I like to write but I’m not that good at it, I try hard though I Journal a lot, and I write erotica stories. I don’t publish them to anybody they’re just like a hobby I do helps keep me calm and passes the time away. Some of them are just fantasies that I would like to come true, which they probably will never happen, but it’s nice to dream
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