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After Session Confessions - D/s dynamic & Aftercare.

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You bring your time and willingness, and I provide the firm hand and the voice that speaks to you. Always respectful of your boundaries and limits. Stern and playful.


We should not forget that it is called ‘play’ for a reason.

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On 2/7/2024 at 11:46 AM, LittleAngelSlave said:

Hi I'm Angel, pleasure to meet you all!  🖤

I've been a submissive since I can remember and I have experienced a few really intense D/s dynamics.

Sub space is a feeling I'm sure a lot of you are familiar with but for those reading this that don't, I would describe it as a beautifully intense floaty/tingly sensation that travels around your body and into your mind. A huge wave of complex emotions and pure ecstasy washes over you. Your thoughts are taken far away allowing you to push through *** and endure suffering to lock yourself inward and replace words with pure, absolute surrender. 🔥

For a submissive this intensity can be extremely draining as you can imagine, not only to the mind, but to the body and spirit too.

So my question to you all is, "do you have any specific aftercare or 'sub drop preventions' you use to ground yourself back into reality?"

I deeply enjoy music as a tool for grounding, the beat and rhythm slowly breathing life back into my soul and the lyrics speaking words my voice hasn't the power to form. One of my favourite after session songs is Linkin Park - Lost in the Echo. The lyrics are beautiful and I relate them completely to the euphoric feeling of submission. Do you have any other song recommendations for after sessions? 


I talk to my sub what comforts her. Could be hot drink, chocolate, stuffie.

What ever she needs i provide


Definitely cuddles to start. Most recent exp was with a little so i'll go off that. Playing with her hair was a hit. Getting you both drinks. I found my little seemed happier if i didnt just get her a drink but got myself one as well. Like i was going to anyways so you wanting one wasnt a bother, task, ect. Music always seems to work well. Not super loud though so they can slowly 'wake up' from their sub space. 

making plans i found was REALLY good and made her happy. Like maybe movie plans a few days later. Its like i care for you now clearly during this after care but i want you tomorrow and the next day since im making plans with you days from now. 


Lastly just prior to making plans i'd ask if they had fun. Not so directly as to make them relive or even reflect upon what we did just gently enough to have the emotion theyre feeling in that moment be the main reason they say yes or no. Just enough to make them think that we did that together and that theyre happy right now. Id ask during a cuddle/squish/eskimo kiss just before doing most of what is above.


Think its also important to note that aftercare can last a while. With less experianced subs they might need more after care or even worse they might not understand what theyre feeling and their need for aftercare. So its so important to really make sure your after care routine/duration is working for your sub. 

Great question! Loved reading the other responses. 

Kind of makes me want to ask "can you have too much after care."  To see the takes on that. 

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