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Is it right for mistresses to ask for tribute?


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It is not ilegal in England to sell sex. The only thing is ilegal is the red light areas. Only place selling sex is ilegal is northern island.  


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I support your opinion , i think it's wrong that they ask for tributes bit still , it depends , like only online stuff, it's acceptable , but in real life it shouldnt
Why I have a walk of shame where I put all the bent on corrupt people in the BDSM lifestyle ass for *** and I work with six BTSM groups on Facebook across the board to keep the BDSM community safe

Kind of agree to that. Asking *** in advance is stupid and shows how fake you are. But once the trust is established, and you meet the person live and sign the d/s contract, I do expect ***. This is not a game, I have no time for that. And since my arrangements are never sexually related, this will not be illegal, as I am not selling sex services.

43 minutes ago, Xabazulla said:

No , what you’re looking for exactly is to not pay a farmhand for your farm!

Haha lol, not true but ok. Would you rather as my slave to be just kept in the room and not do anything? There are soooo many fake "findom queens" online. Man send them *** without asking. And here where I offer a live-in experience with me, I get treated like that? come on....


it's kinda ironic really when you consider over the years how many relationships rely on the man having his wife/partner be an unpaid housekeeper 

guys don't like an even hint of that being changed 

On 1/1/2023 at 5:16 PM, MakerPretty said:

Why shouldn't a submissive pay?

Nothing turns me off quicker than a potential slave who outright refuses to provide any financial compensation for a Domme's time and effort.

Let me explain.

I know the world is ripe with *** hungry, lying sluts, who are out to *** your wallet and leave you whimpering in broken sub drop. This is a crime.

But just as there are true submissives who feel an inner calling to serve, there are dominants who feel an inner calling to proper ownership and guidance.

Do not tell me: "If you love it, you shouldn't have to be paid!"
It's absolute bullshit.
You do not tell a person, whose passion is in science, to spend their life studying science, get a job in science and then tell them, in fact, we aren't going to pay you! You like science! Why should we?

You do not just take an artist's ***ting off a wall and take it to your home. There is worth, time, education, passions, materials and so much more, within that piece of art.
You pay for the privilege. You pay for the experience. You pay for the talent and time the artist worked, not just the piece of art produced.

You pay the scientist well, so he does his job as easily and happily as possible.

I will not keep track of your kinks, tasks, limits, preferred methods of discipline, rituals, etc.
I will not subject myself to images of you jerking off your pathetic piece of meat in my honor.
Or guide you to take cocks deep in your throat and ass.
I will not give focus, energy, education and passion without compensation that is thoughtful and aware of the skills, education and direction I bring to the dynamic.

Oh, but Goddess! It is a relationship! We do not pay to be in relationships!


It is a relationship! A very intimate and close one. I often end up helping slaves with challenges that have nothing to do with sex. A death in their life, an addiction, etc.

I can't even begin to fathom, in vanilla life, how anyone could excuse showing your dick, before you take them out for coffee.

One goddamn dinner or date, at least. All the gifts you give to make the person you are dating feel special.

When this argument is brought about I feel even more hurt.
Slaves know me deeply, and I, them. The idea they would not even pay to take me out for dinner, or buy me things to make my life brighter when they feel called to, makes me incredibly sad and nauseous.

A slave was actually the one to explain the next one to me.
(I love that I can learn things from my sweet pets. )
As they explained, I own their entire being. Their body, will and actions are first in foremost from my commands, and I should center and drive their life. BUT in their vanilla life, their job, took away a large a mount of time, that would otherwise be spent worshipping, completely tasks and otherwise being a good little pet.
They felt, that the proceeds of that work should, at least, in part, go back to the worship, comfort and focus of their Goddess. They enjoyed sending me gifts often, and consistently gave with thanks for the things we achieved together.

Others long to be absolute whores and give the proceeds of the endeavors back to their Goddess.

As long as we live in a capitalist society, *** will always be of importance. It is given for entertainment, pleasure, connection and education in our daily lives. Why do you stop so quick to use it here?

Of course, vet your Dommes. Of course, proceed with caution.
But don't think you are some special gift.
You are work. You are a project.
You are a *** in the ass.

And if you're a cheap asshole, who doesn't understand the very basic concept of servitude?

Just say that, and stop wasting everyone's time.

It's insulting and pathetic.


It's a catch 22 question whether it's right or wrong I certainly don't paying a tribute and or gifts each month but wot I do think is wrong is ow most go about it I say this bcos in the bdsm submissive community there's too many scammers lurking in the forums mistresses shud allow a meet and greet or dungeon verification or payment on arrival only as they shud realise realise pretty much soon submissives r gonna stop searching as I nearly did as I was scammed 11times in a row the only reason I kept goin was bcos I stayed in touch wiv a mistress frm the start but the mistress wudnt work without a safeword but in the end relented but on my occasion it wasn't an ownership arrangement just a session which I was more than happy wiv and the mistress invited me back without hesitation which I wil b taking up off I can't find ownership or FLR I hope this helps mistresses just as much as submissives
Friday at 07:08 AM, Xabazulla said:
Well i think that what you’re saying goes both ways, why don’t a domme pay her submissive if she likes doing it?

I agree but for a submissive to b paid the submissive shud provide all the necessary equipment and equipment can run into £1000s And I'm a submissive myself

This is why in the end I started buying all my own BdSM equipment can I still get mistress? He's trying to ask for a submission fee so I play them back at their own game so when they want *** I say okay. Yours is £100- £200 you send first not the goatable if you don't like it end of chat. Goodbye, I run my own 300% on profit educational learning group on Facebook so educate the old dey young in the new and I also have a walk of shame where I put all the bent and corrupt people and I white with six BDSM groups to keep the BDSM community safe
I have no problem paying a tribute, in oerson on the day if the meet, i liken it to anything else thats similar, would you pay for a service before you even know if its real or fake, . If its all real then there should be no reason why cash on delivery would not be acceptable.
On 10/11/2017 at 2:46 AM, Submissivef-6706 said:

I'm really not sure about this but I need to ask what your thoughts are.

Do you think mistresses should ask for tribute, do you think it's right that they do this? Or do you, like me, think is totally wrong and should not be in the BDSM community? I really need to know because I had a really big argument with a mistress, and I need people's opinion on this. I don't believe this belongs in the BDSM community!

Please let me know what you think, I don't know if I'm right or if I'm wrong.

Hey there,

First if like to start by saying there's no right or wrong to feelings. They're opinion based so those that share your opinion may agree with you while those who would agree with her won't.  

 As a mistress I can tell you that there's a lot of time and effort that goes into being a dominatrix. It's a service provided. I've thought about tributes before and I'm on the fence about it. When you get a high volume of requests you simply can't keep up. So in some ways the highest bidder wins the attention. Normally I just go with the best line openers. I've also thought about offerings for specific requests. For example I've got a ton of feet picture requests In certain colors, positions, and props. Should I constantly pay for pedicures/props ect to fulfill your desires or would it be reasonable for you to contribute?  

What Normally stops me from requesting is this is a dating site so maybe it's not the most appropriate platform.

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