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I am new to this, and need Advice

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I want to come out of the closet. and there is a certain type of top man I want to meet. and mostly, I want to be the type of submissive bottom that, I want to be. Specifically, to start with, shaved or waxed smooth from head to toe. there's a lot of that I don't know how to do. so, I may need some professional help. what is the best? shaving? waxing? I really don't know and hopefully will get some nice advice here. Thanks very much!


I just came out to wife. I'm also a submissive bottom. I know what you mean about a certain top man. What I did, was hook up with as many men as possible. I was ready after being a slut

I just came out to wife. I'm a bottom gay sissy slut. Cum fetish. Love to please men. Need friends. .