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You have an open mind when it comes to sex. You're open to exploring new trends, interested in experimentation, and embracing your kinks - that's all a given. But have you ever considered using a silicone sex doll and felt worried about what that could mean for your sexual identity?

Or have you been concerned or embarrassed about what others might think if they knew that you had a sex doll at home? Would they think you had a sex doll fetish? Dealing with shame because you enjoy the power, control, and mind-numbing pleasure that a sex doll gives you is very common, and it's all because this is an area of sexual pleasure that still isn't talked about enough.

Why don't more people talk about sex doll use?

Even though sex dolls are often called 'the best masturbation aid ever invented', it's not the norm for individuals or couples to talk openly about using a sex doll to live out their fantasies. It's far more likely to hear details of other kinks, such as cuckolding, BDSM, and even partner swapping or voyeurism, than hearing someone willing to tell all about their sex doll use. That doesn't make it something to fear. 

It does mean, however, that enjoyment of a sex doll needs to be more normalized to break that cycle of shame. It's not openly discussed, and therefore, initiating that conversation can be daunting. 

The secrecy that typically surrounds sex doll use means you may also be left on the fence about whether to use one, even if you're seriously lusting to know what it feels like. It's common to feel concerned that you're somehow different or weird for enjoying what could be hot, kinky sex with a doll designed to indulge your every sinful pleasure. 

Should you be concerned about a sex doll fetish? 

Whether boots, BDSM, food, or furries - absolutely anything can be a fetish behind closed doors. However, finding the idea of sex with a doll pleasurable or intriguing should be no more stigmatized than liking dress-up, handcuffs, or role-play.

With sex tech evolving at its pace, it's also entirely feasible that in the future, sex doll ownership could be as run-of-the-mill as owning a vibrator is today, meaning that telling a new partner or close friend about using a sex doll will become a thing of the past.  

As with any fetish, though, it pays to know your limits and to be able to spot the early warning signs that something isn't quite right. 

The most obvious red flag is a noticeable change in behavior, such as wanting to be alone more often, socializing less, and making excuses to avoid interacting with other people. The same goes for other things like missing work, arriving late, and losing interest in previously enjoyed tasks or hobbies. Likewise, suppose a sex doll becomes the only way you want to have sex, and real-life partners suddenly seem less appealing by comparison. In that case, it could signify that a negative mindset is developing. 

Sex dolls can be a harmless part of your sexual identity 

A sex doll provides a safe way to explore what turns you on or off without judgment. Having a sex doll at home, ready to use as and when the urge strikes you, means you have an outlet for harmless experimentation, no matter how off-the-wall or extreme your tastes might run. 

If you get a kick out of something you saw online, read about in a forum, or heard about from a friend or partner but aren't sure how a real-life person would react, a sex doll is the most realistic way to indulge on demand. There's no denying your base needs and no need to shut off from areas you want to explore more. That means they're great for helping you figure out what you do and don't like and provide a way to live out your deepest, darkest fantasies entirely at your will. Modern sex dolls look and feel so realistic, with warm skin, life-size bodies, and ultra-realistic faces, that you can lose yourself completely in the wildest sex imaginable without fear of reprisals or even how the other person feels. 

If you're still concerned about whether you have a sex doll fetish (or if that's what others will say about you), thinking of a sex doll as simply another sex toy can be helpful. It's something that excites you and provides an outlet for all-out exploration and wild experimentation. Humans are complex creatures, so other fetishes likely get you aroused, and other toys make you explode. A sex doll is simply a part of that puzzle rather than something to be stigmatized or ashamed of. 



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Human sex doll more fun.

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