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Scam attempts that made you think “did you actually think they would work”


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On 1/12/2020 at 5:16 PM, white_rose said:

I want to very much UNlike this. It's so dreadful. 

You know I've been sucked in by a few MASTERS who I sent the usual masturbation videos too etc. 

This morning, I was contact by a guy in the States... oh god, I'd better not tell you about my weakness else others will see it and fully exploit it. But I'm pleased to say that I did NOT begin making plans to jump on the next flight to America and I won't be joining him in his little fantasy world (though I might have considered it for 10 minutes). 

It happens to us all, thankfully only one out of many came close as they had done their research and even claimed to live about 30 mins drive away, fortunately I didn't let hopes of finding someone take over my common sense, she sent me a few pics (just normal ones, one I spotted a American plug socket in the back ground, another in her car the steering wheel on the other side, just little things that got me suspicious) then she demanded a substantial tribute even trying to get me to send *** for toys for her from her personal shopper (think it was the same person) but wouldn't voice call. It's disheartening but there are genuine folk out there, just getting harder to know and find them

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