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Why Hirsute/Hairy Women Are Hot/ Hairy woman fetish/ Hirsute Fetish

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How does one come to realize they love hairy attractive women when we have been socialized to value hairless-pre-pubescent-like-girls sold to us by The Media? Hirsute fetish/ hairy woman fetish is something seen as unusual now but biologically, most men are predisposed from the days of our earliest ancestors to be able to visibly tell if a woman had reached maturity to know who was available for mating. Looking for real hairy women. Pubic hair is one of those visible markers, although not so visible today due to clothing. But alas, the nature vs. nurture debate extends to this topic since socialization processes have taught most men to value a hairless woman that has removed this particular sign of womanhood over attractive hairy women, hairy real women are appreciated only it seems by those with hairy women fetish. 

How did I escape this anti hairy real women socialization? I was once told by a colleague that taught a course on sexuality that our sexual preferences and fetishes develop due to exposure during our adolescence. If this is true, then two experiences during this time likely played a role in my preference and appreciation for a "hairy" woman. First, to celebrate our junior high graduation, my class went to a water park way back in the 1990s. A friend of mine had on her bathing suit and something caught my eye about her that was different from the other girls. On the sides of her bikini bottom were two very thick black clumps of fur escaping from underneath. This turned me on more so than anything I had ever seen at the time and I had to sit down for fear that others would notice my excitement.

Second, my first girlfriend the following year while I was a freshman in high school was hairier than the other girls. She had peach fuzz on the sides of her face, thick blonde hair on her arms, but what turned me on was the golden happy trail she had on her navel. In later years, whenever I would see women with happy trails I would immediately become turned on. Obviously, I am no longer interested in my first girlfriend from decades ago, but I can't help and think that perhaps my attraction to hairy women is associated with that experience. Hairy real women are my favourite. 

Do you have a hirsute fetish, hairy woman fetish? What do you find in attractive hairy women, what gives you your hairy women fetish? 


I think a lot depends exactly on which media you've actually been reading.

Nothing I've ever read has told me to like or not like anything about women.

That said; there are a lot of generally "beauty grooming" especially in/against women - but - that doesn't necessarily prescribe to everyone else's tastes.  Though could encourage hirsute fetish I suppose. 

Having a hirsute fetish is probably different again, as fetish indicates a need for something for a person to be sexually attracted. So then only find attractive hairy women.  


Love this. Thank you for sharing. The shame around women's body hair was born from the shame around being a sexual person. It's a puritanical hang up, which is why I find it odd that kinksters, who are the most sexually shameless group of people, still feel disgust about female body hair. Sexually mature woman are supposed to have pubic hair. You'd think it was a norm but no hirsute fetish is still a thing.

The brazenness, or the innocence, of hair peeking from the sides of her bikini bottoms... is thrilling. Perhaps its thrilling because it is so taboo? I expect so. But why should hairy real women be taboo? Maybe that's why I also like to see underarm hair on a woman. It's a sign that she doesn't care what society says she should be. Attractive hairy women are super hot in the bedroom. 


Infact I like women with natural bodies and hair everywhere which is natural. hairy real women are the best attractive hairy women are what turn me on.  Hairy woman fetish is definitely for me. 


I think it’s more the men who are averse to oral sex and some who will only give oral sex if a woman is hairless. Because hair traps body sweat and therefore gives off an odor there is a very firm anti pubic hair camp based on that.

Even in the kink lifestyle most men don’t want “natural floss” and that’s a direct quote from a Man I chatted with on here— and he preferred hairless women to attractive hairy women.  Maybe this is why hirsute fetish is a thing. 



Allison's got me there. I dread the thought of a loose hair caught in my throat, having a low-tolerant gag reflex.

I'm not the same Man she chatted with. But my preference, also, is no hair. It's deliciously scandalous to me if she's bald. Hair is just a normal thing. And its covering her 'secret.'

To be sure, Thick, the media has a strong influence on our lives. But some things are a much stronger influence. Lucky for us, too, because we might otherwise literally become commercialized zombies roaming a wasteland of shopping malls. You see how it's like now.

Mostly, I just wanted to say, Thick, that it's good to know you're looking into things. It's good to know alot of us are. Hirsute fetish is one of many welcomed here. hairy woman fetish or shaven woman fetish. It's all extra spice to someone.

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I love when a women is all natural down there. attractive hairy women are yum. I love a hairy real women. I just find hairy women fetish  sexy and a big turn on.

Grooming is important though. A full trimmed bush is my preference. Which is still hirsute fetish right? I have a hairy woman fetish still. And I would never ask a woman to shave without doing same to me......which happened years ago with one of my exes and she said was just weird looking im uncircumcised so she said i looked like a big baby. That being said it is incredibly intimate to have to have you partner shave you down there, theres an incredible amount of trust....and more importantly power when a woman has a razor on your balls and for uncut guys like me stretched out skin in one hand an a razor in other that could circumcise you if she wanted , very sexy.

Hairy women fetish is still my thing though. 


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On 2/15/2020 at 9:07 PM, AllisonWonderland said:


It is not an odour (they are not nice) but an aroma (which is lovely)! You don't get that heavenly aroma with hairless ones - give me natural any day of the week. hairy real women are hot. hairy woman fetish/ hirsute fetish I love it. 


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