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You know you're a Masochist When...

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You walk past a guy using an industrial machine to pound down soil and you start wondering what it'd feel like on your butt. 

(Do not try this at home, folks, clearly!) 

What other things make you realise you're a masochist or your *** loving side is in control?  


When you read things like That and think hmmmmm lol


I am not a masochist - but that image / idea did make me smile ;)



45 minutes ago, callipygian said:


Hahaha, good, that was part of what I wanted to achieve :D 

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I might be a part-time masochist, I tend to experiment a bit, so that I have an appreciation of what my partner is experiencing.

I do tend to look at items differently and let the imagination run wild - I found small portable crucible at work and just thought of how much wax you could play with, the image of glazing a body with a waxy smooth finish just screams out. 

But I do like the humours tone of this topic, here are some silly jokes I found:

Masochist visits the doctor to cure them "Doctor, I don't cure how you cure my masochism as long as it's not ***less"

There is three types of ***, pleasure ***, *** *** and lego ***.


Really nice to see some fun.

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When your girlfriend kicks and stamps on you with her platform soled high heeled thigh boots, and invites her friends to join in, and you ask for more; when you go out for the night and she flirts with a bunch of black guys, gets you to buy them drinks, has sex with them in the loo or down a back alley, even invites them back home and makes you watch them gangbang her, then tells them to beat you up and has multiple orgasms while she watches; when she tells her friends everything and they titter every time they see you; when every time she sees a man or woman with one or more limbs missing she says: "I wish that was you", and you wonder whether you should do something about it...      

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Being a masochist would seem to fit me (including ***).


being a sadist on the side, I think you are masoshist when you smirk or smile at the thought of...

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