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No problems.... (Part 2)

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You have been an official item for a week now. She has taken to spending most of the week at your house as you transitioned into an established couple very quickly. Evenings have mostly been Netflix, cuddles and snacks. You adore her even more with every passing day and attribute the evolutionary speed of your relationship as just a minor addition and degree of freedom to the one you have already cultivated with each other. You surprise yourself at how quickly and how radical of an acceptance you truly are capable of. You don't know if you love trans women as much as you know you love this woman. You are madly in love and no one is going to get in the way or be allowed to fuck with that. 
    Which is why you find it ironic that in the bedroom it is she who is the having sexual hang ups. She always wants to go down on you but has an uncomfortable relationship with her penis. Every time you reach for it she gets uncomfortable and starts to withdraw. This has not stopped you from making her cum before, and its not like you haven't been having the best sex of your life when she goes down on you. Something to be said for having a partner who knows how your bits truly work. But you are compelled to make her feel as comfortable as she makes you. You find every aspect of her hot, a relationship you never expected to have any penis other than your own. But the fact that this particular penis is attached to this particular adorable creature, makes it so you just can't help yourself. And it kills you so see her struggle and have such a negative relationship with any part of her gorgeous body. A body that you can't get a moment's peace from on the most depraved levels of your filthy mind.
     It has become somewhat of an ongoing relationship joke. Her looking at you with a straight face and threatening to “ Fuck you with my monster cock!” if don't do the dishes. Never fails to break your composure and send you both into giggles. Usually followed by you intimately scooping her up saying something like “Nuh uh, I ain't scared, that things puny compared to this one.” Often leading to side eyed glances and more lewd comments, debauchery and cuddling.
    But its all bravado when you reach the bedroom. She struggles with her body and your total acceptance of her is something she never really has had much of in her life. It has been a week and you plan having your way with her over the weekend. Whether she likes it or not and the cute little whimpers moans, and little rivers of cum she tends to produce for you, leans you to believe in the direction of the former. This weekend you plan on showering her with more love then she thinks she can handle.
    Its late spring and she is showing off her bathing suits. She puts one a bikini on does a little twirl, asks you opinion and scampers into the bathroom to put on a different one. Summer is near and she is pumped thinking about beach side BBQ's and ocean swimming. She comes out in low cut bikini you find particularly sexy and can hardly contain yourself. You close the space between you and her. While she gives you a naughty smile “oh so this is the one you like, is it?” as you find yourself already nibbling on the nape of her neck. “But you are hiding some of the best parts” referring the slowly enlarging penis shes having a harder and harder time hiding folded between her legs. She side eyes you and starts to squirm away without really fighting your hand as it starts to explore her taint.
    She starts to grumble, but lets out a little moan and starts to go limp in your arms as you lightly pull a fist full of hair. “That's not fair, you cheater” she purrs as you carry over to the bed and gently lay her down. Fistfull of hair still in your hand, you send you free one exploring and invading the rest of her exposed body. She shivers with pleasure when you find her lower abdomen while pulling her bikini off. “Not fair, not fair” she moans “Cheat..ahhh.. uhhh mmmm” she starts to writhe in pleasure now you have her by the neck of her penis as you give it long slow strokes. “You are beautiful, you know that.. you don't have to hide from me.” as you move yourself over her body reigning kisses down on her breasts and belly all while softly stroking her cock. 
    She lets out a cute little whimper and arches her back, as you plant a kiss on her belly near where it meets her inner thighs. “Oh so that's the spot!” you gently tease as you aggressively kiss and nibble on the area some more. You feel her cock get harder and hear escaping moans as you drive her over the edge as you start stroking harder, two can play this game she is finding out. “What do you want in bed?” you ask her softly as you push her closer to the edge. Im not letting you go and you don't get to cum until you tell me what you want?”. At that she gives you a frustrated look that softens to a conflicted pleading expression. Yep,this works both ways you smirk. She tries to form words but all she can muster is  something like “ahhh you fucker ahah ughhh bastard mmm nooooo” as you hold her hostage by the dick.
    “What do you want?” You repeat the question softly. She gives you a even more pleading look, she seems to have accepted the reality that she's not getting out of this one. “well?” you follow up as she breaks eye contact, blushing while she searches the words in her head. Quick to please others but afraid to ask for what she wants, and driven mad in ecstasy. All the desires she was holding back erupt in a torrent of moans and raw personal depravities that start taking on a momentum on their own. “I want you so suck my cock! No, no, wait I want you to jerk me off while you stick it in my ass.” Every confession spoken out loud makes her quiver and moan. You tighten your hold on her cock and rewarding her with faster deeper strokes. “Oh god, oh god... I want to put my dick in your ass....” She started to quiver loosing herself. She was no longer in the room and just narrating her hidden desires and fantasies “and you love it, oh god, yes yes yes you fucking love it every inch of it.” You feel her cock get harder, shes at her limit about to burst. “You love it and you love me, even though I don't have a real vagina!” Semen starts erupting and you manage to get out of its line of fire. And she shivers reeling in orgasm, momentarily paralyzed.
    This state only lasts for a short moment though as she replays the last few minutes in her head. She makes eye contact with you turns beet red before burying her face in a pillow. She is on the brink of tears, you hear muffled voice “Im sorry, Im sorry, Im weird right” She starts sobbing for real now and you are already holding her in your arms. “It know this is weird for you, fuck my life, it would be so much easier if I were born a real girl, Im a such freak” she starts sobbing even harder. At that you cant hold back a small chuckle as your heart breaks a little for her. “That's what you have been so worried about all this time!?”. Your reply catches her off guard as she sits up and starts to control her sniffles. “Stupid girl, I love you for who you are, this included” as you run your hand over her thigh.” She gives you the cute doe eyes that look on the brink of flooding again. 
“And you know what?” you ask. “What?” she mews. “You totally are a real girl, as real as they come cause boys never cry this much.” At that she grumbles “Ohhh my god, you're such a fucking dick... I fucking love you.” as she starts crying again, this time happy tears. “I adore you too” you say as you hold her even tighter and shower her in kisses she gleefully accepts.

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