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Crossdressing with wife


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I love hearing stories like this. Good on you both.

I've had some partners who have fully been on board and some totally against it.

But now I'm single when ever I have time and my children aren't with me I am constantly in female clothing, it has to be really slutty things like tiny pvc skirts things like that or I get dressed as women who going for a night out with her friends. Always with a wig, heels, make up and false breasts to.

But now a female friend I've known for years has became really supportive of me loving to dress this way and we I have been able to occasionally have a drink at her house with just her and I am able to dress as I want and relax and drink and she helps pick clothes for me and with make up and we have found I actually walk better in stiletto heels than she does haha.

Years ago I dated a lady who loved choosing a pair of her thongs for me to wear each day. She loved the thought of sending me to work knowing that I was in some quite high powered meetings... but the icing on the cake was when she texted me to say she was so turned on she had to go and masturbate in the bathroom at work because she couldn't concentrate.

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I used to love to do this 
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My ex girlfriend "***d" me put her dirty sweaty clothes befor she fucked my ass for hours i really liked it and miss it now....waht i would do to find someone that would use me like that again

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