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in session with Master, part 3: riding Him, aftercare, and belonging


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"Erotica is far more than the description of physical sensations. It is a guide to feeling alive." -- Sir MJ


"Raise your hips," comes the instruction. i am bound, sightless, gagged, reclining on the black futon bed. Master begins to slide the black lacey thong panties down my thighs and legs. the panties, of course, are soaked with my wetness. i lift one foot, then the other as He removes them. legs spread, Master takes a moment to touch my pussy, i hear His low growl of approval when He finds me wet, soaking wet and open for Him. there is no rush in His movements as He strokes and penetrates me with His fingers. around the gag, i moan in pleasure.

"Sit up, little one." Master assists me to a seated position. Master now instructs me to stand, even though i am bound and blindfolded i know He is right there and will help me if i falter. He then instructs me to turn, and kneel on the bed, so i am orientated away from Him and towards the head of the bed. i do so, and Master unclips the wrist restraints. "Get on all fours, rest on your elbows." i do as told. in this pose, completely exposed to Him, i feel no shame, no embarrassment. Master has told me so many times, how the sight of my fine, round ass and nude body pleases Him. i feel safe, cared for and cherished...at least 60% of subspace has to be made up of that delicious and warm feeling called...belonging.

Master takes His time to tease and smack my ass with the crop. the seductive, slow long strokes with the leather tip interspersed with small flurries of stinging smacks on my ass and hips. as before, i mewl and moan with the harshest sets of blows. my face buried in the pillow, the drool beginning to pool around my lips and leaking out around the ball gag.

after an indefinite amount of time, Master speaks again. He helps me to a kneeling position on the bed. the drool from the gag is dripping now. "i love the sight of you, drooling like this, little one." *thank you Sir...*i think to myself.

i feel the movement of the mattress as He gets on the bed with me, but am unaware of where He is, until He tells me, "Straddle My legs." i can't help but peek underneath the edge of the blindfold (it's not cheating!! if He'd wanted me in total blackout--He would have double blindfolded me...right?). i am rewarded with the sight of His lean, muscular thighs, and...mmm...His Hard Cock, sheathed in the condom. not wanting to peek any more, i close my eyes as i slowly, carefully, lift one leg. Master's hands hold my torso and helps position me on top of Him (on top of Him---how i have longed for this moment--fantasized and dreamed about it--for months. to be given the opportunity to ride Him; to be on top. and now that the moment is here...i cannot enjoy the view...such is the cruelly delightful way in which a sadists' mind works). Master takes His Cock in hand and angles it up to my pussy, so wet and open for Him. i need no instruction for what comes next.

i push my body down on to Him; in one thrust we are one; He is inside me, deeply. i gasp and let out a small moan of pleasure. today, i am not allowed to speak, but as i begin to pick up rhythm, i recall the first time we were in session. how He taught me to beg Him. to beg for Master to fuck me, use me, fill me with His Cock. today, instead of words, i beg Him with my body; thrusting, grinding, swaying against His Cock with fervor and lust.

my hands are lightly resting on the wall in front of me as i ride my Master. i pour out all of my feminine sexual energy and desire into my movements as i pick up the pace, matching His thrusts, moving with Him. gently, gracefully, i move my hands from the wall, to His chest. i wish i could see His face, right now; i wish i could see the delight and lust in His eyes. i arch my back and tighten the muscles of my inner walls around His Glorious, Hard, Thick Cock. fucking Him like this is as amazing and satisfying as i always knew it would be. as i ride Him, matching His thrusts, i begin to tighten again, this time involuntarily. my body begins to spasm as i climax and gush. it is good, so good to feel His hardness inside me, His body underneath me. His hands so tenderly, firmly gripping my body. occasionally Master swats my ass with the crop, and sometimes He holds the crop in both hands so that the shaft of it is pressed low against my buttocks, and like the back of a chair or stool, i can lean back in to it a bit, and feel secure.

a little while after my climax, Master speaks again, the lust setting His voice on edge.

"Now get on all fours so i can fuck you from behind."

never was i more happy to oblige. i get into position and Master mounts me. He is so strong, and sure. how can i be anything more than putty, in such hands as His. Master takes His pleasure, fucking me hard, then deep, faster, then slower. when He takes me the hardest, it hurts, but only in the best of ways. around the black ball gag, i moan and let my body take over, my hips pivoting back to meet His. i never want it to end but it does so, naturally, with Masters final thrust as He Comes, buried to the hilt inside my tight, wet, greedy pussy. one last time, i flex my inner walls around Him, gripping Him tighter, enjoying this last moment of pleasure before His withdrawal.

"Lay down, and rest," He says, as He gets up. i hear the smile in His voice. i collapse on the bed and hear Him walk to the restroom.

when Master returns, He sits on the bed beside me and helps to prop me up to a half seated position. gently, He removes the gag, and then the blindfold. He keeps the wrist restraints on (these will be left for last). He then settles back down on the bed, and instructs me to lay my head on His chest. i do so with relish, settling in close to Him, as He gives the final instruction, the one that signals the scene over.

"Now," He says, with a slight theatrical tone and flourish of His hands, "you may speak."

my first word is not a word at all, but a deep exhalation followed by a happy giggle (those of you that know me well will understand this). then, "thank You, Sir M--." what else can i say? i curl up closer and take these last few moments of closeness to gaze at Him, and touch Him. we talk a bit, both of us slowly making that transition back to reality. even though it is the end of the scene, and near the end of our time together, this is always one of my favorite parts. to be close with Him and to converse freely. about BDSM, about what has been going on in our lives, about music or other passions we share.

all too soon, an alarm rings. His alarm. i figure it is time to start getting dressed and ready to leave but Master has one more surprise for me today.

"I'm going to take a shower and I want you to join Me." i perk up and answer, "Yes, Sir!"

together with Master in the small shower stall is a new experience for me. it's been years since i took a shower with a man; never have i done so with a Dom or Master. Master hands me His body wash and sponge and instructs me to wash His front, then back. i do as He asks, feeling unsure as i go lower...i start to rub His Cock, still so Big and Imposing even when not hard. Master must sense my hesitation. He smiles and says, "It all has to get clean." for a split second i am torn....do i apply more soap and continue to clean Him? or do i fall to my knees and use my mouth for the job...

Master gives me no further instruction and so i continue to use the soap. "next time..." i think to myself, smiling. even though Master is in charge, it's always good to have an ace, or two, up one's sleeve.

i finish cleaning and rinsing Master, and He opens the stall door, grabbing a towel. He instructs me to dry Him off. i do so, then finish rinsing myself. the hot water and low light of the steamy room is heavenly, but i do not tarry. once done, i grab the towel that Master had indicated. quickly, i dry myself, then check my makeup (what's left of it, that is) and hair in the mirror. a few swipes with the comb and i am satisfied, i re-enter the loft and join Him once again on the bed.

now it's time to get dressed and leave. i begin to gather my clothes and underwear where they have been discarded by the foot of the bed. Master is sitting beside me and as i bend down low to pick up my bra, i look to the side, and am overcome with the sight, the nearness, of Him. of my Bond to Him, and His Dominance over me.

it is more instinct than thought which leads me to drop to my knees, and crawl the short distance to His feet. without shame, or ***, i fling my arms around His legs, burying my face against His thigh.

one last moment, that i wish could last forever.


Wonderful depiction of play and pleasure...ty for sharing

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