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A Vacbed fantasy


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Whilst I have never had the pleasure or thrill of being able to use a vacbed with someone it is a long held fantasy and I had this scenario running through my mind the other night.


There you are presented pristinely in your collar. You climb into the bed and as I adjust the latex cover you make sure your wand is held firmly against your clit.

I pull the sheet down and line the breathing tube to your trembling lips your breath shudders with the anticipation and you close your eyes embracing the darkness. I turn on the vacuum and you feel yourself slowly held as the bed tightens around you. It starts with your torso tightening and you can't turn your body the first jolt of arousal shoots up though your stomach and you feel you heart beat faster the bed squeezing your breasts like the soft embrace of your Master.

You try to clench your fists to relieve the build up of excitement, just something to ease the need you feel to earn your pleasure but you realise your arms are already pinned by the vacuum.

Now your nerves build as you realise you can't move your legs it starts with the pressure around your thighs and you feel it slip like honey and electricity down and down to your feet and you realise you're now trapped you move slightly to test your limits and the wand moves slightly against you and you let out your first moan from the contact silently screaming for me to press the button through the latex but you know you don't have the right to demand pleasure. You know your place and you know that if you behave you'll get your reward.

As you squirm I cover the tube and cut off your air. You whimper scared because you don't know what you've done wrong or how long this punishment will last. Your lungs pull at nothingness and you hear my voice quiet almost a whisper through the latex say "Don't move"

Being a good girl you comply immediately.

you feel something running across your body as I cover the top of you with lobe and my hands massage you body roaming over every inch of you and each touch is like electricity through you. You keep still though. You've been told what you need to do and you do it. From your legs up to your breasts and down your arms you feel my hands and over and over in your head you hear my voice whisper "Don't move"

after what seems like an eternity the repetition in your mind is replaced when you hear me say "Good girl". Your nearly stops with the excitement.

You know whats coming. You've heard the words before and every time you heard them you get your reward. I press the button on the wand through the latex sheet and you nearly scream. It's been 30 minutes already and while you enjoyed the teasing massage you've been wet since the bed was sealed and finally you have your release. I tell you that you can move and almost instantly you move your hips grinding against the vibration.

You moan through the tube. "Do you like it?"

A muffled yes sir is my response.

As you let your mind run wild your body pulls against the bed and you feel me kiss you you neck your breasts your thighs.

Every minute or so I block the tube. You squeal in protest but you know you can't stop it and you know you're safe. This isn't a punishment you know I'm just reminding you that I'm in charge and I take away your pleasures in a heartbeat.

There's a new weight on your body. You feel my body on yours and then you feel something else. Just above the wand on your clit you feel my hard cock against you. So close to being filled but you know your sealed in tight.

Still you enjoy the thought, the memory, the potential of what you could have.

It's been an hour. An hour of teasing. An hour of pleasure. An hour of ***. At least you think it's an hour. Time stopped making sense a long time ago.

Your patience has ran out. you can't hold it back anymore.

You try to beg. You know I like it you beg. When you say please so sweetly you know I'll let you have what you want.

It's muffled but I hear you. You can't flutter your eyes and weave your fingers into mine like you usually do but your pleas hit their mark.

"Ok" I say. Your hips move faster. Your moans are louder. You can't seem to get enough air.

"You can cum"

The magic words.

Your favourite three words in the world.

You scream hard with each wave of pleasure.

Even in the pitch black vacuum you see bursts of colour in front of your eyes.

Time is nothing anymore. You've lost all sense of it. The wand is still vibrating. your clit is pulsing. "keep going"

you mind is spiralling and you obey. You let your body circle the whirlpool of pleasure. It builds again and there you are. You cum. You cum. You cum again.

You don't know how long its been. You're spent but still you let yourself ride your orgasm. So enveloped in you body and the pleasure you didn't realise I've been stroking my cock and like falling in a dream you snap back as you realise what's happening as I pour my cum down the tube and make you drink it like a good girl should.

I turn off the wand and get you out of the bed.

Your body is soaking wet and you're trembling barely able to move.

I wrap you in a blanket and hold you close until your body stills itself.

Once you regain control of yourself and come back to me I take you to the bathroom and shower you. Your body is soft and relaxed. Half dazed you just let me tend to your body.

I lead you to the bed and naked you curl up between my legs you lay your head against my chest, my arms around you.

Safe from world, contented, you let yourself smile.

"Thank you sir"

"Your welcome"

If you think a Vacbed is good, you should try my cube. :)
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