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New too all this but not new too the desires

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Hey my names Jay.

A girl told me I was a sub when we were watching fifty shades (the first film). Since then I've experimented being a sub, but am only 24 and am very confident. But when it comes to telling a woman I am submissive and wanna experiment the deepest dirtiest bit of it. I want a girl to use and *** me, I find it difficult cause in my day too day life I probably look too most dominant woman that am a Dom myself but am just coming too terms that I have certain desires that aint exactly the normal? 

I need advice, seems like this is the best place.

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you need to do some research of your own . because at the moment you yourself are a giant red flag to all dommes. look at safe sane and consensual first! what to look for in a dominant.

Niceone haha don't know what they are but I wildo my homework😂 bad that am a massive red flag just new too this like am only just coming too terms with it now I thought I was a Dom till I started watching some videos


first bit of advice is find exactly what interests you.  Because use and *** could be make you eat your own feces, suck off 12 blokes in a toilet and send over your wages.

Fine tune what interests you.

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