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I arrive at yours at 7pm, the house is clear, no one is expected back until late tomorrow morning.  So, I need to be out of there by 8am in the morning, just so we are safe.

You lock the doors, so they cannot be opened from outside.

Now feeling safe, you say we can start.  You take off your dress, you are wearing a matching bra, panties, stockings, and suspenders.  Gorgeous.  My cock is already erect, I tell you to undress me, which you do rather quickly.  Without asking, you are on your knees with my cock in your mouth, taking it all the way in,

I stop myself from cumming.  I want your pussy moist and quivering first, so I withdraw my cock much to your disappointment.

“Go and fetch your oven gloves, some scissors and duct tape” I say.  You had them ready in the drawer, but you were wondering why I asked for them the other day, you are now about to find out.

I cut the oven gloves into two parts, then put one half on each of your hands, then duct tape them up.  You look curious.  I explain that it is so you cannot play with yourself and “accidently” cum.  “Cunt” you mutter under your breath.

Step One:

I take off your panties.  I lie you on the bed, your legs high in the air and spread wide.  I start to lick your pussy, I pull your pussy lips with my teeth, I lick your clitoris and hear you moan, you like that.  I start licking your clit up and down, and from side to side, I insert two fingers deep into your pussy and use the “cum hither” motion.  You are groaning, I can sense another minute and you will cum, and once you start, you cannot stop.

I give it another 30 seconds, I can see you back arching.  “Stop”.  I tell you to stand up.

You are not at all happy.  You are calling me a cunt-spangling cock-wombling arsehole.

I ask why you are unhappy.  You told me, then I reminded you that you agreed to try orgasm control.  This is the start, so when you are with me, you only cum when you are told to.  The bonus is that when you do, it will be special.

Step Two:

I sit you at the table, your hands behind your back, I put the handcuffs on.  I shuffle the chair close to the table and lift your tits onto the table.  I can see your nipples are erect, and to keep them that way, I put your nipple pumps on.

I open my laptop, and you can see 3 tabs at the top of the screen, each one beginning with Porn Hub ….

I explain that each video is about 10 minutes long.  You are to watch each one.  At the end, you are to decide which of these 3 you want to happen to you.  I open the first one.

The first shows a mature woman, her tits are tied with rope and going purple.  She has pegs on her nipples.  A man starts slapping her tits with a paddle.  Gently at first but by the end quite hard.  Her tits are a shade of purple with bright red.

I watch you watching this, I can see you moving your bottom around on the chair, your hands are trying to be become free.

I put the second video on.  I am kind, I undo the handcuffs.  You immediately try and stroke your pussy, then realise those fucking gloves are stopping you.

The second video shows another mature voluptuous lady enter a house, A man welcomes her.  He orders her to the middle of the room and to strip. She starts slowly, but he whacks her on the bottom with a riding crop and tells her to hurry up.  She strips quick, and nervously covers her tits with one hand and her pussy with the other.  The man tells her to stop being shy, put her hands behind her back and open her legs.  She does so, he put a blindfold on her.  She hears a flogger being whooshed around, then feels the thud on her bottom, moving from side to side.  Her bottom quickly goes red and she is moaning, he then starts on her tits.   He then tells her to get on her knees and open her mouth, after just a few strokes, he cums in her mouth.  He tells her to get dressed and get out.

I can see you were liking this, but hated the end, as she never got to cum.

I turn on the last video.  What’s this.  A mistress with her big tits out was hand spanking a bottom that is rapidly turning red.  Not sure yet if she was spanking a girl or a man.  It soon become clear when we get a closeup of the bottom and can see a vibrator in her pussy and a one in her ass.  The mistress changes to a riding crop and starts whipping the girls bottom and tells the girl you can cum now.  The girl starts cumming straight away.

You are squirming away, moving your bottom around the chair, I tell you to stop.  You ask me if you can cum please, I say no.  You tell me you would do anything afterwards, please let me cum.  Not yet.  I smiled.

Step Three:

I stand you up.  I ask which one you want to do, quickly, make up your mind.

You decide the least ***ful one was the first.  She only got her tits tied and slapped.  I take a card out of my pocket, on it says, “If Caroline says No 1, then Number 3 is what she needs and what she will get”.

You realise yet again, this cunt will always beat you at the mind games.

I take you to the bed.  I lay down on it, propped up with pillows, I tell you to lie across me, so you can feel my cock on your Venus mound.  I tell you to put your arms behind your neck.

I am now hand spanking you.  You are not asked to count, it will be over when I say it is.  You notice a pattern though, after 6 spanks, you feel my hand rubbing into your pussy and finish off by tweaking your clitoris.  I do this as I like to know you are enjoying it.

After about 10 minutes, I reach under the pillow and take out your wand.  I tell you to open your legs wide.  I position the wand over your clitoris.  I turn it on, and you start writhing.  I carry on spanking you with one hand whilst pushing the wand tight against your clitoris.  I am teaching you to associate some *** with orgasm.

Once again, I see your back arching, your breathing gets shallow.  I stop.

“Bastard, cunting, fucking, bastarding fucking cunt” you yell.

“Get up” I tell you “and behave yourself.”.  You get up and calm down a bit.  I notice you’re moving you legs around, trying to get some friction between your thighs.

Step Four:

I tell you to get back on the bed on all fours.  Legs as wide as possible.  I open your pussy lips with one hand, and turn on the large vibrator, you feel it gently moving into your pussy, I push it all the way in, you are squirming.  I take the big butt plug and you can feel it rest on your back.  I squirt lube into your bottom and you can feel it going over the butt plug on your back.  I gently push the butt plug in.

I just hold both insertions in, while you get used to it.  I then gently move in and out the vibrator in your pussy, I can see and hear you are liking this.  Again, your breathe is getting shallow, your bottom is moving around, I sense you will cum in a few seconds, so I stop and ram the vibrator right up you.  You yelp, but it stops you cumming.

I can hear you muttering things under your breath.

I ask you “Are you ready to cum now”.  “Fucking hell yes you cunt” you yell.

“Ask nicely” I say.

You pause, I have an idea what is going around in your head, but you say “Please Sir, can you make me Cum please Sir”.

I am kind, so I tell you I shall.

I now take the butt plug out of you, you yelp a bit.  I turn on full blast your pussy vibrator.  You feel more lube on your bottom, then you feel the tip of my cock at your entrance.

I push my cock in gently, it all the way in now, I stop till I feel you are comfortable.

I then slowly start moving my cock in and out of your bottom.  You are not used to having an orgasm this way.  I tell you that you can cum now, you have 30 seconds to do so, otherwise there will be another hour wait.

I am moving my cock in and out of your bottom at the same time as moving the vibrator in and out.

You scream, “Fuck, fuck fuck fuck fuck”, you not only cum, you squirt, my cock is covered in in it and the vibrator.

“Wow, just fucking wow” you say,

I am pleased.

Step Five:

I take off your gloves.  I am kind.  I tell you to lay there.  I tell you that you are now going to cum again, without any toys, just using your hands.

“There is a catch though”, I tell you.  You are still on all fours.  I walk around and put my pee soaked pussy juice covered cock in your mouth.  You take hold of my cock, I tell you no.  Your mouth is going to get fucked, and you must cum before I do, and I am close.  If you fail, you will not be allowed to cum again until after I have left in the morning.

Strangle enough, with your fingers, you cum in just over 1 minute, you are a horny nympho. 

I cum shortly after in your mouth, it is dribbling out of your mouth, I scoop it back in and tell you to swallow. At this point you will do anything for me.

“I fucking enjoyed that” you think to yourself, I wonder what’s next…….





Great minds think alike.  Part Two will be ready shortly, next half hour or so.  However Part 3 (maybe a couple of days), roles are indeed reversed.  I have asked a lady friend of mine to write it.



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