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Need Help sub or slave?

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I am really interested in becoming a sub or slave I’m not sure exactly the difference. Can you help me?

I know that the idea of having complete control over me is very exciting or me and not just sexually and the idea of pleasing someone by following instructions makes me very happy! I am also interested in bondage and pain and humiliation. 


Sub vs Slave

In a lot of cases, can be down to the nature of your relationship and the titles chosen to use.

But as a rough guide : a submissive may yield or submit power to their Dominant.  a slave may give it up completely.

Some people refer to themselves as 'slave' because they want to sound more hardcore. Some might be looking for a slave because they want someone they can just tell what to do without negotiation or whatever.

Think of a more historical case, kept slaves never really had a choice in what they ate, wore, did, they followed their owners every wish or were beaten/punished for being a bad slave.

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I need a new slave to take total domination of.. if you love been dominated and taken total control of , contact me.  

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