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A Visit to Mistress


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I arrive at yours. My bag of toys with me and clean shaven. My cock is locked up, as it has been for the past four long, torturous weeks, as instructed by you. You’ve been teasing me the entire time, edging me, but not allowing it to be unlocked or for me to have any release. Knowing how desperate it will have been making me. You open the door and I enter. You immediately lock the door behind me. Sealing me inside. You look so good, I move towards you to greet you, but you stop me. “Get naked and on your knees now!” You say. “Yes Mistress” I reply, and quickly do as told. Once I’m on my knees, you open the bag. You remove the collar and leash and lock them around my neck. You take hold of the leash and give it a gentle tug as you start walking.

You move into the living room, me crawling behind you. You take me around the living room. Looking behind you every now and then and tugging a little to make me keep up. You start to speed up, laughing at me, knowing how much I’m struggling. You finally stop, positioning me in the centre of the room. You stand me up, face me towards the windows, and place my hands on my head, fingers locked together. You kick my legs apart a little and then grab hold of the cage, pulling at it a little, digging your nails in and smiling. “Do not move an inch!” you tell me. I keep perfectly still as you walk out of the room and close the door behind you.

I stand naked and positioned exactly how you left me for several minutes. My nerves growing by the second. I then hear the door open and you enter. I can already hear them. The click of your boots on the floor as you walk. I want to turn round and see you, but don’t dare to move, as you told me not to. You stand behind me and start to run a fingernail up and down my spine. My back arches as it feels so good. You then press yourself against me, I can feel you outfit as you rub your boots up and down my leg and tease me, making sure to catch my caged cock with your knee every now and then. Finally you walk in front of me and I can see you. You look so incredible! You start to walk around me. Inspecting me. Running a finger across my skin, my locked cock, just knowing what you’re doing to me. You then take hold of my leash and pull me towards the sofa.

You tell me to get on my knees again and you sit yourself down. You push the heel of your boot to my lips and just say “clean them”. I take hold of your boot and insert the heel deep into my mouth. Gently sucking on it, caressing with with my lips, in absolute awe of you as I look up at you and smile. I then move my lips onto the boot itself and being to kiss it. To lick it, slowly working my way up, placing my lips on every part of your wonderful boot. After several minutes of worship, I reach the very top of the boot, and I look up to you. You smile before removing the boot from me, swapping to the other, and I start again. From the very bottom of the heel to the very top. You can see how desperate I already am, as I am shaking on my knees before you!

You then pull the leash to the side and tell me to re-position side on to you. Now also on my hands, I do so. When my back is level with you, you stop me and place both your boots on me. Using me as a foot rest. I keep as still as I can while you sit back and relax. Playing on your phone, just ignoring me. You just keep rubbing your boots across my back, but don’t acknowledge me any further than that.

You keep me there for a little while before removing your boots and standing up. You walk over to the dining area and pick up a chair. You place it in the middle of the room, and call me over to it. I sit myself down and look forwards. You take hold of one of my wrists and, reaching behind you, you produce a pair of handcuffs and attach one of them to it. You run the chain through the back of the chair, take the other wrist, draw it behind me and attach the other cuff. Locking my hands to the chair. You push your knee into my cage quite hard, I cry out a little, as you use your knee to open my legs wide, exposing my locked cock even further. You crouch down, your mouth so close to it, you place your lips onto it, but before you do anything else, your hand flies up and slaps it. I squirm in pain, but also so much pleasure. You start to tease me, rubbing your hands across the cage, but giving me so little. I’m desperate for more, but you won’t give it to me.

You then sit in my lap, facing me and just whisper into my ear “we’re just getting started!” I’m in a complete state. You begin to grind against me. Staring deeply into my eyes as you control me, torture me, torment me, just completely own me, with so very little effort. You stand up and walk behind me, unlocking one of the handcuffs. You push me up from the chair and tell me to get on my knees again. You take the leash and head out of the room. I follow behind you again. You go to the stairs and start to walk up them. I follow behind you, crawling like your little pet. You take me into the bedroom and sit me onto another chair which has been placed opposite another. You remove the leash, and lock the loose handcuff onto my wrist again, through the chair and behind my back. “Close your eyes” you say. “I’m going to do your makeup now, and I’m going make you look pretty.” I smile and nod, and start to drift away.

You spend a good amount of time getting everything just right. Putting makeup all over my face. My eyes, cheeks, lipstick on my lips. Making me look just perfect. It’s a long, delicate process, but I love how intricate you are being. Making sure I look absolutely perfect to your incredible standards. You paint my nails and toe nails too. When you’re done, you remove the handcuffs, stand me up and start to dress me. Fake boobs, a dress, stockings, a pair of boots of my own, everything. You add a wig, jewellery, you spray me with some sexy smelling perfume, getting everything just right. You take your time about everything, making sure I look absolutely spotless, before you stand me in front of the mirror.

You put me into some poses. Telling me how to stand, where to put my hands and correcting my posture to make me more lady like. You giggle every now and then. Enjoying playing with me like this. The longer it takes, the more I start to tremble with absolute nerves, wondering exactly how I look. Finally you decide on a pose and set me into it. “Are you ready?” you ask. I nod, my nerves completely shot and almost unable to speak. You stand next to me and start to count down from 10. You count so slow, it takes what feels like forever. Each number like an entire novel of meaning. I’m shaking like a leaf, but you place a hand on me, to reassure me. You finally reach zero and just tell me “open your eyes!” I open them, and I look at who is staring back at me.

I can’t help but beam with pure delight! I cannot believe how beautiful you’ve made me look. The colours, the outfit, the tones, just everything is so beautiful, and I have to hold back tears. I just stare at myself, as you proudly look at me. I finally turn to you and just say “Thank you! Thank you for making me look so wonderful Mistress!”

You take hold of my hand and lead me into the next room. Into your dungeon. You take me to your whipping bench and strap me onto it, slowly securing me in place. You attach the handcuff to the bottom of the bench, so I have to stretch down, and then add another to my other wrist, until I’m completely, helplessly restrained! You go into the bag you placed there earlier, and you remove the something, you start to pull it tightly around your waist. You tell me to open my mouth, as you turn around, and present me with a strapon. I open my mouth and you start to tease me with it. Pushing it around my lips gently, just enough so I can feel it, before you push it inside my lips. You start to fuck my mouth with the strapon. Slowly at first, but getting harder and deeper. Making me start to gag a little, and then more as you keep pushing deeper. You laugh at me as I do and just keep going.

Finally you stop. You step away as you go back into the bag. You take something out, I’m not sure what, but you then start to pull my dress up over my arse. Without warning you strike it. It feels like the wooden paddle that you love so much. You taken multiple swings at my arse, over and over again. Loving inflicting this pain on me. My cock is so so hard in its cage. The tight, swelling pain starts to build and my moans become more and more. I’m so desperate to get out of it, but only you can release me from my cage Mistress.

You then go back into the bag and take another item. I can’t see what it is again, but you brush it up and down my bottom. I straight away recognise it as the flogger. You use it to beat me over and over again. I struggle against the restraints, but it’s no use. I just have to lie there and just take it. The strokes get harder, more frequent, I start to cry out in pain. You ignore me, not caring about my discomfort, in fact only seeming to make you swing it harder.

Finally you toss it aside. You walk round behind me and tell me to stick my arse in the air. A few seconds later, a cold sensation runs into my hole as you squirt lube over it. You do the same to your strapon cock, and you push it against my hole “beg for it” you tell me. “Beg for it, you slut!” I do just that. Again and again, in absolute pure desperation. “Please Mistress, please fuck my arse! I need it! I need you to fuck my arse! I’m a desperate slut and I need to be fucked!” You make me wait for so long. Several minutes. I’m almost in tears from begging, from being so needy. I need it! Finally you give me just what I want. You push your cock inside me. Slowly at first, just a tiny bit, before pushing further and beginning to fuck me.

You pick up your rhythm. Going faster and deeper. Before long you are fucking my arse for all it’s worth! You tell me to look in the mirror. I can see us both. You standing over me just pounding on my arse. I feel like I’m floating away! Just in such a wonderful state. In this incredible moment with you.

You fuck me for so long, before you finally stop. You step away, and you leave the room. Leaving me there. Still restrained. You don’t return for several minutes. I then hear you showering. I have no idea what you’re doing. You finally come back after 10-15 minutes. When you do, you’re back wearing your normal clothes. You stand in front of me, smile and place a gentle kiss on my forehead. You then show me you have the lipstick in your hands. You start to re-apply lots to my lips, but then start to write on my face.

I don’t know what you’re writing, but you write several things. On my forehead, my cheeks, my chin. Finally you finish and just look at me. You stare at me as I helplessly stare back at you. You then point to my forehead and trace the letters with your finger before saying “Slut”, you do the same again on one cheek “whore”, the next “cock sucker”, and finally “sissy”. You then push a ball gag into my mouth, buckle it tightly and wink at me. I completely melt.

You stand up and walk to the door. “I’m heading off out for a while. I’ve got a hot girl waiting who wants to fuck, so you can stay here. I’ll be back for round 2 later. And trust me, that was just a very minor warm up compared to what I have planned for you!” You then turn around, closing and locking the dungeon door behind you. You walk down the stairs, unlock the front door and then just walk out! You leave me trapped. Your prisoner. Helpless to do anything but await your return, and just imagine what more you have in store for me.
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