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The Joy of women

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4 minutes ago, Aranhis said:

Very much this... I was also alarmed to see this got approved.

I've received warnings for being a bit insensitive or rude to people on these forum posts but someone openly claiming they are a sexual predator, abuser & rapist is acceptable & for someone to approve this topic must mean they condone the exploitation & raping of young women


I approved the topic this morning

we get a variety of topics for approval and if everything was approved based on personal viewpoints and opinions it would be a very narrow site.

in considering whether to approve this or not - I looked at it's merits for conversation and of course many people have pointed out many red flags and bad practices

there have been times when we have hidden posts and comments in the past and people have felt that hiding certain views actually protects the person making those comments - since it's then gone from their post history.

I would also like to think/hope the OP or any other readers can go through the comments and then feel from learning from the response, that this is not cool.    Whether this is from either one person thinking this is how it is OK to behave - or - for another to think this is what they should accept.  

The OP asked for thoughts and I think he got those.

At request - I will close this thread at least for the time being.

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