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Abdl /DL or AB


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Hi yea all!

I am new to this app/site and read alot of little's and daddy's, but what I mis is the DL part. Just the same fetish to wearing and use diapers in life and in a sexual context.

Like to see that more pointed out here.

So for any of you that's is in to ABDL, what are you? And how do you use it to find others that are related and get it here?

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It isn't easy that's for sure and most sites want *** and promise nothing most times very little return for membership! Most abdl like myself are submissive and have other kink as well! It's becoming more acceptable and most Dominants are familiar with the fetish!


i am an abdl i love wearing being humiliated changed and love using  my diapers  diapers are best underwear ever 

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I’m a dl I’m not a big fan of the rp aspect of it mostly because I get shy and embarrassed :3 but diapers are amazing I love just wearing them out and about under my skirts as for finding others idk I’m sorry
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I classify myself as AB/DL and particularly as a Daddy into using diapers in play. Been at it for over 25+ years now. A LOT of people are either into, or open to, the same sorts of concepts. Some just don't come right out and say it.
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