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30 Questions Day 3 Q3


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How do you know you are submissive/dominant or have the potential to be a submissive / a dominant?

How do you feel when you express your dominance/submission/sadist ?


Again please precede your answer wit S(ub): D(om):
The Previous 2 questions are : Q1, Q2



I did not know I was a dominant until I ended up in a Ds relationship, maybe also because I fit more in the Sadism sise of the D spectrum which was hard enough to accept . That part goes a bit against what we are thought after all.
For the second part of todays question; I feel "in control" "responsible" and "protective" and also respected and valued and trusted , there is , for me honor in being given the trust over someones physical (and mental) well-being

When I was a kid, I would get myself into all sorts of strange predicaments as part of my masturbation routine. Stroke and cum was getting boring, and I really enjoyed the struggle to escape.
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I can Switch, but I am unable to submit fully to anyone, nor am I serious enough to be seen as a Dominant. Perhaps you could say I can carry out certain things in a Top or bottom mindset.
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