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30 Questions Day 5 Q5


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A bit late today  but

Have you been or are you in a dominant/submissive dynamic relationship or is this new to you?
Have you been in more than one D/s relationship? How were they the same? How were they different?
What is unique about your relationships in your mind?

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By now I have been doing this 8 years

Appart from a brief online Ds relationship this is my only "relarionship"
I have played with a few others but that is a completely different dynamic

Most of my life I have been the sub in my relationships. About 8 years ago I started to be more dominant online and now I am in a dominant relationship towarda my gf. She enjoys it a lot more than when I am a sub. To her being dominant towards me is humiliating so she did it only two times in our 7 years long relationship. Since I am a switch I don't care which side I am on although I miss being under a really dominant person from time to time. Old habits die hard I guess :D
I have publicly been a part of this lifestyle since 1999, though over all in it since 1993. 1993-2003=D/s, then sort of M/s
2017-2019=DV, disguised as D/s, as well as a brief D/s relationship, whom I have recently reunited with
2019-2021=Kinkster(at best), with a few D/s encounters
2021- until 09/2022=Vanilla
Presently in a D/s relationship with someone from 2019
In the above mentioned relationships, I had been the submissive/CNCslave/lg
I had my own submissive, turned slave from 2009-2013. she was collared to Me, at the time of her murder.
I do not identify as a “switch”, as I do not/have not, nor desire to “switch” with any of my primaries.
I have bottomed to several, for either occasional sessions, demonstrations, or training purposes over the past 29 years.
I have Topped for the same reasons.
I have had active roles as “Trainer” to 5 D-types, and 7 s-types.
All of my relationships, and the dynamics that I was, have similarities as well as differences.
The uniqueness in my current, is that I am His first 24/7 submissive, as well as we are in our dynamic as so much more than just kinksters.
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I'm in the life-style 20+ years. My role, my perceptions, my opinions are ever changing. I have tried my hand at bring Dominant and submissive, but find myself not interested in the D/s dynamic anymore.
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