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Registration Fees /financial tributes (scam?)


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That is prostitution and it’s illegal. If anyone on this app posts a cashapp id or in any way references money report them immediately for “financial interests” and write out what they said or grab a screenshot of the conversation and add it to the report. They will be axed quickly and you will have done the rest of us a huge favor. We are here for a certain lifestyle not to pay whores. Money has no place, only fetishes and BDSM. Even the bullshit scam of “financial domination” (what a joke) is forbidden. Those bitches need reporting IMMEDIATELY!
Don’t get down, Bro. You have to cast a huge net & be willing to drive a little to find a partner. Personally, I flood the zone and chat with everyone within 200 miles. It has continually paid off. Don’t forget the Fet Life website, too. Happy Hunting and May you soon be blissfully bloodied and covered in cum.
Sorry, forgot to mention the Russian dudes pretending to be females here. Here’s some game:
1) Any user name ending in numbers with a super-hot photo is a scammer. They run so many accounts they have to number them to keep track.
2) They don’t complete the profile. Again, too many accounts.
3) Parse their language very closely. A Slavic cadence can often be detected without pronouns, adjectives, or other common English grammatical devices. Also, they are mostly straight dudes. They don’t want to get into a detailed sexual convo with another man so make an offhand comment detailing your fetish. If they ignore or squirm…move on.
Hope it helps! 😁
Good luck i been there they are all scammers
Yeah, I tried before. Also paid the fees and the girl did never meet me. I agree it is a scam.
Real dommes do not require money. That was a prostitute.

this thread isn't really adding anything of value so we're locking it - as a few points

If someone on this website (or app) approaches you requesting payment, end the conversation and hit 'report'

If you approach someone and they come back requesting money, and do not have a '€' next to their username, then end the conversation and hit 'report'

Please note it also against site rules to approach someone offering them money, gifts, etc. 

Some websites are a little bit more relaxed in what they can allow and we obviously cannot take action about anything from another site. With that in mind be wary of anyone trying to take you to another site or app to chat (including, but not limited to, Kik, "hangouts", Whatsapp, discord, instagram, etc) 

As a general rule on finances in the wider web. If you were not expecting to be asked for money as part of your interaction, then politely end the conversation.  Even if it's not a scam, if you weren't expecting this then it probably wasn't a route you wanted to go down.  Under those arrangements you would usually continue to pay.

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