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Permission to cum abroad

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We both know why you’re getting in touch long distance AGAIN.

We both know exactly what you want.

You’ve been a good girl today and now you want it.

You want my permission to cum. You fucking need it.

Let's try to see what's going on inside your head. I mean I get you. Smart. Professional. Seemingly in control. 

But you talk about wanting to be a bimbo. To be empty headed and scold me for being too thinky. Hmm.

If you think this way tell be about it in the comments below. 

I've been experimenting with trance and hypnotic erotic files and I've gotten pretty good now. The last time we blindfolded you and I read my script you turned into an uncontrollable mess. We planted some triggers together and they work a treat don't they? It's almost as if I have a remote controlled vibrator in your panties when we chat!

OK. ..let's play now.

Go on, touch that throbbing cunt. Play with it. Tease it. Get yourself right to the brink, right to the edge.

But don’t you dare cum.

You only get to do that when – or rather IF– I give you permission. And you know I get off on you being so desparate it's pretty unlikely you'll get me feeling that generous. I mean hiw long was it last time ? Two weeks ?


That’s right, squirm and moan for me. You look so pretty when you get yourself all worked up. I bet you’re already close, aren’t you? It’s only been a few seconds, but just having permission to touch at all gets you so excited, doesn’t it? It turns you into a quivering, soaking mess.

Mmmm, I know it does. Do you know how I know?

Because that pussy belongs to me. You are Mine. You love it when i say that don't you ?

No. Don't start crying. I've no sympathy for you. You gave up your will freely. I didn't force you. But you won't take it back for all the T in Throbbing.

I fucking own your cunt.. Say it. Go on. Let me hear you say it out loud.

Good girl.

Just saying the words gets you that much closer, doesn’t it?

Now. Go get that indelible marker and write in big bold letters down your thigh "I'm Daddy's Cunt". Make sure it'd visible if the hem of your short office skirt were to ride up just a little. Or if anyone were on their knees beneath your desk. Then they'd be sure to know what a fuck slut you are. You want people to know don't you but you'd daren't tell them . But you love it if they could read your thighs accidently.  I mean nobody is going to say anything as they shouldn't be looking. But you are going to stretch and squirm in the open office again for me tomorrow cos I want everyone looking at you again.

OK.  now . Where was I? Ha ha you still stroking and dripping baby ? What was 8 thinking? Was I cruel ?

One simple word giving you permission and I bet you’d explode. You’re so desperate for it, aren’t you? Such a greedy little toy.

But you’ll wait for me to tell you to cum. You’ll hold on, right on the edge, for as long as I want. You’ll fight and struggle to be a perfect little toy for me. Do you want to know why?

Move your fingers faster and harder and I’ll tell you.

You’re going to do as you’re told and not cum until you’re allowed because you are an owned thing, my obedient little slut.

And you need to obey, because when you do, you cum so hard, and it feels better than anything else. So you’ll wait. You’ll wait all night if I choose, because you were made to obey.

But that's not the main reason. Is it ? No that's right.  Shall we remind ourselves of how fucked up you are ? Yes. Let's. 

You have to do it because it gives me pleasure.  your pleasure is my pleasure. It's so easy to please me isn't it. You want to please me dont you baby? You need to please me.


Maybe part of you want to cum right now, without permission. Maybe you just can’t hold on any longer and you’ll steal it from me? Maybe you don’t want to be a good girl? Maybe you choose to be a defiant little bitch instead. That’s fine, go ahead.

Do you know why it doesn’t bother me?

Because I know that if you cum before you’re told to, that orgasm will be small and weak and not at all satisfying. You’ll be right back here, at my feet, begging for me to do it right.

That’s why I know you’ll be a good girl and wait. Keep edging yourself. Don’t you slow down and don’t you dare fucking stop.

Are you ready? You are fighting so hard, aren’t you? You’re trying to be such a good girl for me. You know if want my permission, you have to ask nicely. Beg. Out loud, so I can hear you. Beg for it. Show me what a desperate whore you are.

That’s right – edge and beg for relief. I love watching you squirm. Almost there pet. Are you ready? Just a few more seconds.



Now. Say please. Mmmm, good girl.

Cum. Now.

That’s right, just like that. Let go. Let it all go. That feels so good, doesn’t it? Aren’t you glad you waited like a good girl? Only I make you cum this hard. No one else. Because you belong to me. Mine.

That’s it, catch your breath. You look so pretty when you do as you’re told. You came so hard for me, didn’t you?

Oh, I know you did. I bet those sheets are soaked, aren’t they? Mmmm, good girl. Good girls always do as they are told and cum on command, don’t they?

Mmmm, and I love playing with such an obedient toy.

Until next time, pet. And remember – don’t you dare cum unless I tell you to.


I love this story.It's so easy to say the words "Yes Master".

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