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All tied up an knotty


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I am walking very slowly in this world and enjoying every step so far.

I have done all kinds of research and I find the conversations on this app and another to be the most educational.

I am very sorry for the newbies who have had bad experiences - I feel the “Dom” who introduced me to this world may have been nice enough, but also, I may have been walking a dangerous path. I can be challenging😉 and this may have been what saved me from a bad experience. He ghosted me

That said, I am now following the advice found in this forum and others -

patience , vet vet vet; public meetings, look for red flags and run if you see them.

It has resulted in me navigating this world without a Dom, trying figure out what I like. The good in this community are very good. To my friends who help me platonically - thank you.

So I went to a shibari intro class.
Bondage appeals to me, as does sensory deprivation. I wanted to see if I actually liked the reality vs the imagined.

I recommend everyone interested in bondage at all, attend this or a course.

My best take away was the safety. I am now confident that when I have a Dom, and he wants to tie me in knots - I am aware of right and wrong and this keeps me safe. Red Light Hard Stop.

After that … I discovered I can tie knots well
and fast,
but I am not a rigger …

I am however a rope bunny. 🫦

I volunteered to be a bunny for a rigger practicing for his next level.

I stood still and very relaxed, allowing him to move me and tie me in any way he needed.

I closed my eyes and took a cue from yoga. I concentrated on my breathing, centring myself, and slowing my breathing. I felt the flow of rope, and skin on skin.

I loved the feel of the rope sliding across me as he pulled it thru my arms, legs, and across my chest.

I understand the appeal of this art.

Every time his hand brushed my skin I got goosebumps.

Don’t misunderstand, he was a wonderful person, but deeply I did not feel a connection to him.

And still the soft brush of his knuckle on my inner thigh as he reached to pull the rope thru; the warmth of his fingers on my back; the sting of the knotted end if he pulled it thru to quickly .

This is what I crave. This is what made me smile.

It was a slow dance. He moving around me; moving the rope and my body to his own music. The subtle sensations building across my body.

There was no fear.
I thought I might fear not being in control. I did not. I loved being able to trust. It’s a hard comfort to come to in the world beyond that room.

With my eyes closed I could not see where he would brush against me next. Hip, chest or arm, - all caused my body to react in eager anticipation of the next warm caress.

When his art was completed, we admired the work. And as he began to undo me, the movements became quicker, and harsher.

He demonstrated how the play of rope being drawn out slowly can cause a beautiful ripple of goosebumps. My nipples hardened.

At one point he pulled a long piece very quickly and like a whip, it slapped my back and thigh - it stung like a playful pinch, I arched my back, and smiled even more.

We did not get into hoisting, - it was my FIRST TIME! Lol - but I could hear the click of the carabiner being used by others in the class and each snap snap appealed to me more and more.

I look forward to exploring this further in my new adventure.

I encourage everyone to take a course, learn the safety. Find out what suits you. Find the professionals and be safe.
Very good food for thought
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