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New Dom/Sub relationship


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I've recently found myself a new dom. We've been talking about ground rules and punishments for me as a sub.  It's been a few years since I've been in a dom/ sub relationship and would like some ideas for how we can have some safe play.  Anything advice and ideas are appreciated.  Thanks in advance! 



I think remembering - nothing is a sprint, it's a marathon.  Things can be explored and built up to in their own time

at least at first it's easier to work on a whitelist - what activities/kinks/rules/etc do you WANT to do - rather than working out lines you don't want to do.

also of course how formal you want things to be... my wife and I are both kinky and both switches but there's no day to day rules or protocol aside from general/normal running of a household.

5 hours ago, Earbreather said:

Keep the rules to a minimum.

If you’re too hung up on the rules then it can spoil the fun.  


when I was in a D/s relationship the rules my Mistress initially set for me were

- I try my best in anything that is asked of me

- I put her first when appropriate

- I am permitted to film with others, but she had to be aware

- if there was a situation where I was at a club or with a friend and an opportunity of play came up, then I was to ask permission via messanger

- general serving others was not permitted

- I was not permitted to play with or take on a sub 

- she was to be address as Miss or Mistress in all circumstances (this is a rule I retrospectively disagree with - I think there should be a different way of address in vanilla public)

- any written communication to follow capital protocol

- a good night and good morning message to be sent each day


@eyemblacksheep totally agree about the calling by title in a vanilla setting (and everything else you said). It's just not practical. 

I need to address him by Sir in private and by electronic communication but in day to day life in public there are no 'rules' regarding this, there can't be, not exactly appropriate at parent/teacher evenings lol. 


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