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I want a mistress that I can give all control

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Ive decided that I want to push my sexual limits all the way I literally want to give everything to my mistress anything to make sure she's satisfied. I'm new to all this but I have made my mind up that Im going to be a slave but what's the best way of finding a mistress as I'm struggling at the moment please help 



Ok,?take a long breath. You cant buy  a good relationship just rent a little goodwill for the short lest of time. As a committed Dom I'm interested in the surrender of the stronge. But the  Sub herself s always in  charge   


Maybe you should talk to viclee. Be warned she bites. And she has an agenda.

Above all do not agree to anything involving money.

She will keep her cards close to her lovely sweet tits. But the sexual rewards found as a slave and that you seek are probably there. 


i am very king slave type looking for a mistress just take a look at my proffle pic your see and its not just that i like doing what you see on my pic on my bum but i am not weil but good new is i am getting more better now this is not my first time joing this web it was back joing in 2013 but i was with my dad and he was drinking and comming in my room i made up my mind to be slave maybe for good fun but some time more then just that with me i am very shy most time but when you get to know me like now its all fine i am age 36 live in havantand hope to move at some time to handover:crazy:


and i am also very kinky guy yeah i get very horny but i am also in second life game 3d would and there BDSN  in there to