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Dom dirty talk

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What really gets me going is a young muscular Doms verbally abusing me calling me his slave, telling me I'm a slut, whore etc and all the things he would do to me. I love dirty phone calls where men abuse me and i tell i am a slut and moan like a sissy for them and only cum/touch myself when they let me.

Anyone else into this? What's your experience in D/s play & dirty talk over the phone? 

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I totally love both reciving and giving with stuff like this, I love having dirty degrading things told to me in whispered voices on the phone and saying all manner of filthy things myself back.
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I fantasize about it.

I am bottom and love to hear filthy things said about me 


dirty talk is very exciting.


I like being treated as a dirty slut, and definitely love dirty dom talk and knowing what somebody is going to do with me