Aromantic, autosexual and demisexual - discover everything about being asexual

Varieties of asexuality

Asexuals are perhaps the least understood or discussed of all sexualities. Asexuality refers to people who are, to a greater or lesser extent, not interested in having sex with other people and who do not experience sexual attraction to other people. The asexual spectrum includes a variety of identities. Individuals who are asexual but not aromantic are people who enjoy romantic relationships with others but have no desire to have sex with them. Demisexuals can become sexually interested in people to whom they are extremely emotionally close, and autosexuals who have a sex drive in terms of masturbation, but no desire to sleep with other people.

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 What is asexuality?  

Asexuality means not being sexually attracted to anyone. It can mean they have next to no sexual desire. Some will masturbate or have sex for a variety of different reasons, but the sexual attraction is missing.

Is asexuality rare?

About 1% of the British Population identify as asexual, so it is relatively rare. It is a growing number as more people learn what asexuality is.

Do asexuals ever have sex?

Some do. This can be to please a partner, because they know it will feel good, to ease menstrual cramps or for stress relief. They can become turned on physically, it’s the sexual attraction in the first place they don’t feel.

Is asexual the same as celibate?

It is in a way, the opposite of being celibate. Being celibate is a choice, someone who is celibate chooses not to have sex, someone who is asexual doesn’t feel the desire to have sex.

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