Personal details

Gender Woman
Age 25
Status Single
Height 170cm
Body shape Plus-size
Eye colour Brown
Hair colour Other
Hair length Middle
Orientation Bisexual
Ethnicity Caucasian white
Origin UK
Body hair None
Breast size G
Zodiac signs Gemini

About me

I’m looking for:


I'm a 25 year old BBW woman. I am fiery and funny and bratty at times. I am a Financial Dominatrix; I like to work with my subs and have a good friendship with them. I enjoy talking with people who can hold a conversation well and am some what of a sapiosexual so text speech is a no go for me.
Although a kinder more friendly Domme I am also quite mean and enjoy the following;
Sissification, CBT, SPH, Degrading, Humiliating, Blackmail, Exposure and others (If you aren't sure ask!)
Dislikes include;
Disrespect -

  • You are to address me as Miss or Mistress at all times any other names are to be ASKED if you can not just assuming you can.
  • Talk to me with respect at all times. Failure to do so will result in punishment.
    When you are told to do something you will do it, if you don't complete tasks within the allotted time frame this again will result in punishment. However should you have a reason for not being able to complete these tasks then you are to talk to me about them and I will decide whether or not your reason is worthy of being excused from the task or the parameters of the task being changed.
    I like to set a task which must be completed daily after this task has been set again you are to do this without being asked and within a time frame.
    If you are having any issues in any respect not just your ability to serve then I would like to help with these as I think it is important that we have a strong level of trust and be open with each other.

    Payments will be arranged; I work on a pay to play basis so what I tend to do is talk to the subs and take a payment before any sort of play. This is called my Initial donation. This is one that just proves your wiling to serve and your willing to pay.
    Payments arrangements can be made for "Daily, weekly etc." amounts.

    In terms of Blackmail I need to have consent from you to do this as it's a legality issue so if you are wanting blackmail Please ensure you express this to me.

    I get to know subs online first BEFORE meeting as I have had issues in the past. So please respect this when talking to me as it's a trust issue for me.

    Anything else you want to know please approach. gives you…

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