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Tell me your fantasy (Part 9)


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“Tell me your fantasy.”

She had been the perfect submissive during the whole meal. When the drinks came she did not drink until I did. She sat with her hands on the table and her eyes down. She did not say a word. I loved to sit and watch her. Her face was so stunning. I loved every curve of it. I loved the way her lips crinkled at the uncomfortable sitting position caused by the butt plug. When the food came she did not complain about what I had ordered for her. I had soon become familiar with what she liked. The food was plain and simple for her. She would have a lot of work to do with her ass later. The food was okay I suppose but there was something else that I would have much rather been eating. She did not start to eat until I did. She then ate slowly so that I would finish before her. During the whole meal she did everything secondary to me. I had not asked her to do that and given it was our first public meal as dom and sub we had never done this before. She took it upon herself to make that show. I touched her hand gently to acknowledge the demonstration to me. She had not needed to do that.

“Did my girl enjoy her meal?”

“Yes, master. Thank you, master.”

“Then perhaps we should talk about your desert.”

I went to the remote control for the device around her waist. I pushed the pulse button. Tiny massaging throbs went through her pussy from the vibrator. She let out a tiny moan as they worked on her. Because I was wearing jeans it would make it hard for her to do what I really wanted her to do but there was something else I could make her do instead. Time to push her a little further.

“Go under the table. My feet need some attention.”

“Yes, master.”

She immediately slipped off the chair and went under the table. The table cloth on the table hid her from view.  I could feel her working at the laces of my trainers. She took my right foot in her hands. My feet were a little ticklish. I flinched slightly when she took it in my hand. I felt her mouth kiss my big toe. Just the slightest touch made me twitch. She started to lick my foot all over. The more she touched it the more I got used to it. She sucked on my big toe occasionally. I relaxed back in my seat. God her attention was delightful.

The waitress started to come over. I was not worried. She would not see my girl on her hands and knees below the table. She may have heard the slight noise coming from the table or from me but I did not care about that. There was a pause in the toe sucking though when the waitress stood at the side of the table. That was the fifth additional spanking she had just picked up. I smiled up at the waitress politely while hitting the vibrate button on the remote control in my pocket. I could hear the muffled moan from close to me. Not sure the waitress heard it. If she had, she did not make out as such.

“Is there anything else I can get for you ma’am?”

She was so polite. I moved my foot under the table slightly. The sucking had stopped completely.

“No, I think we will soon be making a move. My companion just needs to finish and then we will be off.”

I moved my foot closer to her again below the table knowing that she had heard the conversation. I was pleased when the kissing started again. There was still something lacking in the effort being made below the table though. The waitress nodded her head as she walked away. I watched the waitress go with interest. She had been a very nice girl. Polite and extremely helpful.

I allowed my gaze to continue to work around the restaurant. I was looking to see who else was around. The next part of testing my girl’s limits was already going through my head. I was going to need some additional help with that part though. I was checking to see if there were any viable candidates in the restaurant. I could not see any. That was ok. There was a bar next to the restaurant. I had a feeling that I would find someone to fit the purpose there.

I had to admit. She was getting very good at licking my foot. I felt like she had covered every part of it. She was doing the same action on my other foot. Her mouth was my personal foot bath and massage rolled into one. She cleaned my foot with her tongue. She massaged it with her sucking motion. Together they were proving to be quite enjoyable. It was not the sort of attention that would get me off that was for sure, but it was nonetheless pleasurable for what it was. What was more delightful was the fact that she was doing it. She was doing it in a public place where she might easily be discovered and found out. That was pushing her limits beyond anything that she had done before. I hit the pulse button on the remote control. There was a brief pause in the licking. I decided to let her off with that one. The massaging pulse from the vibrator must have taken her by surprise.

She spent the next few minutes finishing off with my left foot. She came up from below the table when she was finished. She immediately put her hands on the top of the table again like before. Her eyes were downcast as always.

“That was very nice.”

“Thank you, master.”

“Finish off your drink now. We are going to go to the bar. There is something else that I want you to do for me before we go back to the room.”

“Yes, master.”

She immediately finished off her glass of water. There had been a little apprehension in her voice when I told her what was going to happen next. I think she thought that we would be heading back to the room. Perhaps she had wanted that. I wanted it. I wanted to hold her in my arms and touch her skin. But I felt this was an important test for her.

“Tell me your fantasy.”

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