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Finding Love Through Female Dominaition by Renee Lane


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I just read Finding Love Through Female Dominaition by Renee Lane. You can read it on Amazon Books for three bucks. Well worth it. It was brilliant, crazy, intense, and a must have for anyone who is genuinely kinky. It's like reading "Venus in Furs" but as told from Wanda's perspective. Renee Lane does not write with quite the introspective elegance of Sacher-Masoch, but she writes well enough, and she definitely gets her point across. If Masoch is a crop, Ms. Lane is a cane.

The scenes with her and Butler are the high points, and that rabbit hole just gets deeper and longer. Ms. Lane is a renegade, an outlaw, and this book isn't for the rule-book waving scolds who endlessly chant their "Safe-Sane-Consensual" mantra; but it deserves to be read. Ms.Lane is earnest in her pursuit of her goal--and Butler always has a choice--even is we all know what he's going to choose. It's consensual, broadly. And mostly safe. I say sane, but that's up for grabs. She is all over the boundary lines, and that's what makes it a fine and fun read. Careful what you wish for, boys, you might just get it. I tumbler of whiskey to you and your slave. Ms. Lane, you have told a dark and little understood truth about who we are.

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