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Brat Just Desserts


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Brat just desserts

As I lay my make up on, to make me look like a whore in waiting.
I wear my shortest black dress, the one that reveals my breasts.
As I await for my Sir to address.
I have my stockings on I have my high heels too.
As I use my bright red lipstick to impress him with, and await his approval too.
I spray my expensive perfume over myself to make me feel fresh and new.
Preparing myself what I will be getting myself into.

I take a picture of myself, to let him know I'm ready.
He replies: you best be ready, with your tits hanging out, as you answer your door, or I will disapprove.

15 minutes goes by, as I await his arrival.
Heart beating like a drum. As I dread to think what he will do to my bum. As I pace the floor with a hum.
There's a knock at my door and I get my tits out of my dress and answer the door.
He looks me up and down and very much approves.
I then go into action with my head tilted down, my eyes look up with an evil gleam, as I smirk towards his brow.
He asks why I'm smirking because he knows full well.
I've been a brat and he knows full and truly well.

He questions me about my behaviour as I badly behave like hell.
He grabs me by my hair, twisting my long locks around his hand and tells me to walk and climb upstairs.

He makes himself comfortable sitting on my bed.
Makes me stand in front of him, with my hands above my head.
He questions me on why I misbehaved and broke a rule. I smirk back and said what you going to do about it as I smile full well knowing what's going to entail.

He replies that he is very disappointed and I deserve what's needed.
He tells me to bend over his knee and grabs my dress as he slides it above my back, showing my bare bum for him to spank.
He makes me count the spanks which were hard and loud.
As I try and not to break the smack and number sounds.
He tells me if I was to cheek him once again there will be more than what I received.

With a grin upon my face with glee. As laughed right into his face.
His face looks upset, he then grabs me and bends me over and repeats the numbered smacks again.

I couldn't take no more so I used my safe word too.
The spanks had to stop as I cried with pain and pleasure.
He then calmed down and stroked my bare bum better making me feel safe and reassured.

I promised my Sir I won't do it again, I apologised and behaved once again.
I promised to follow his requests, and rules like a good sub that I am.
I've been taught a lesson not to push too far.
Because my bum is red and very sore.

I truly not regret this now. Because I will misbehave again once more.
But for now it hurts like anything it's hard to sit down as well.
It's tender to sit but I know full well.
As I appreciated his lovely marks that shows he cares as well.

Mmm I hope there’s some good after care

Thank you everyone who liked my poetic story. Means a lot to me. 🥰

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