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Hi Daddydream. If your new to the role of being a Daddy to any little then you had better do your research and lots of it. This means lots of reading books, blogs and even videos on youtube; of which there are many. It concerns me slightly that you have not sone this research for yourself already and are hoping to have people hand you the neccessary tools on a plate via tbis forum. That may sound harsh, but if i was in your position I would have already done much of the reading and research that's needed before even considering taking on my first little. Run a google search for the top 10 or top 20 BDSM manuals and books, and pick at least half a dozen to read. Also search for BDSM blogs; in particular daddy/lil blogs that explain what both sides of the equation get out of and expect from such a relationship. Then hit youtube for first hand direct experiences from both sides of the coin

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Thank you.. I am just starting out so pretty naive..i suppose lots of people have tried and not taken to serious .after all its about mutual fun..thanks for replying


Your more than welcome daddydream. The thing is we have all had to start somewhere at one time or another, so try not to be too hard on yourself in terms of your lack of experience in this type of kink and BDSM or role-play setting.


It's not so much about being taken seriously as it is about getting enough of a good understanding of the basics, learning how best to behave for you first (and what you feel comfortable and happy with) and your lil second; however most importantly of all, it's about not rushing into anything with anyone and potentially damaging them mentally or physically and also not damaging yourself.


If you have more questions or seek more advice you can either ask here on the forum (which is a good idea as it will also let others give you their take and perspectives which will offer additional insight to any I may give) or feel free to PM me and ask away in private if you feel more comfortable with that. I am always happy to help nurture and guide anyone, from newbie or experienced subs to Dom's, Master's, Daddies or any other role I have experience of.